Best paying affiliate marketing program

Best paying affiliate marketing program

Best paying affiliate marketing program

2020 has so far been a year full of surprises.

From the first months, a year of changes has revealed itself, with the pandemic afflicting the whole world and in addition to changing people’s habits, the economy of entire countries is also changing.

Many people have been unemployed due to the closure of their jobs, many others have been forced not to work for months.

The problem is that many families have been forced to draw from their savings in order to survive.

While some sectors have experienced a major downturn, some others have even significantly increased their earnings.

To dictate this situation is the fact that while pharmaceutical companies are forced to work overtime, as well as telecommunications companies and those that produce useful materials against the Virus.

On the contrary, all those companies, more or less large that produce non-essential goods, have inevitably suffered a drop in the demand for their services, with a consequent drop in earnings and less need for the workforce.

All of this has led some of us to look for a different way to make a living.

Someone started making masks, someone else hands sanitizers, and still, others decided to take the opportunity to learn a new profession that can guarantee economic stability even in emergency situations like this.

Is Affiliate Marketing Good for everybody?

It is not easy to answer this question, because not everyone has the same skills.

To be successful in this type of activity, some specific characteristics are required, which you can however learn through training or through experience, such as:

  • SEO marketing,
  • Writing skill,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Coding or web development,
  • Foreign language skills.

How much can you earn with affiliate marketing?

Best paying affiliate marketing program

Theoretically, there is no limit, and there are no fixed rules.

There are those who manage to earn a good monthly salary by promoting low-value products and selling high quantities.

Others prefer to promote expensive products and limit the number of sales.

Being a self-managed job, based on the amount of time and resources that you are willing to invest in this job, you can get more or less satisfactory results.

I have known people who can earn thousands of dollars in a week or even a day.

There are also people who are happy to earn a few hundred dollars a month as a supplement to their monthly salary.

After introducing Affiliate Marketing, it’s time to go to the point: The best paying affiliate program.


What are the best paying affiliate marketing programs?

1. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is the largest portal of digital services offered by freelancers from all over the world.

It is possible to offer digital services of all kinds, from writing content to creating logos, to translating documents.

Fiverr gives its affiliates the opportunity to acquire commissions, inviting users to sell their services through this platform.

Here are some examples of commissions:

If you would like to create your account, click here:


2. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing communities in the world, with over one million members.

It was founded in 2005 so you should agree with me in thinking that a community that exists from 15 years must be solid.

You can register for this community for free, having access to the first ten lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the first ten lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

A Starter user also has access to creating a completely free website.

In short, this platform allows you to learn the basics of becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

Starter users also have the option to invite other users, receiving commissions if they sign up for the Premium plan.

Being a Premium user costs $ 19 the first month, $ 49 / month from the following month, in the case of annual subscription the package costs $ 495 / year and includes a web domain and various benefits, including the fact that the commissions in case referrals double.

For example, being a premium member would allow you to earn $ 23,50 a month for every referred member, but if you are a Starter Member, you would “only” earn $ 11,75 a month.

Below is the complete list of differences between the 2 levels:

Best paying affiliate marketing program

 Click here to join wealthy affiliate:


3. Transferwise Affiliate Program

TransferWise allows people to send and receive money – internationally and locally – at a mid-market exchange rate and low fees. It also offers a multi-currency account with a debit card that allows you to send, spend and receive money internationally.

It’s perfect for ex-pats, travelers, freelancers, and businesses working internationally.

Their affiliate program allows you to earn revenue while contributing to bringing transparency to the international transfer industry.

The commission rates start at $15 per sale (higher commission offered for business users) and continuously reviewed based on the campaign performance.

One of the most valuable things in this program is that they also do not have a cookie period limit, which means that you will earn money on every single user no matter how long it takes them to convert.

If you are interested in this method click here:



I can’t give you the receipt to win this challenge.

Here I can only suggest (according to my experience) what is the best paying affiliate marketing program.

I hope that in this article you will find very useful information.

You should also consider that everyday new programs become available and it is almost impossible to keep track of all the changes which happen daily.

If you are a beginner, I warmly suggest you take a look to Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, it is the best way to start a digital entrepreneur career, and you won’t definitively regret your choice.

Indeed members share their successes as proof that the teachings of this community are useful and work.

My intent with this article is to save you the time I spent looking for a way to learn everything I needed to build my secondary income.

I conclude by saying that if you won’t make facts follow good ideas, they will remain only ideas.

But if you match action to a good idea, success will most likely follow.

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