Breaking the habit of being yourself – Review

Breaking the habit of being yourself – Review

Breaking the habit of being yourself


Some time ago, more or less during the Christmas period, I went with my girlfriend to do some shopping.

We entered a book store where he insisted on buying a book he had heard so much about.

The book was “Breaking the habit of being yourself” written by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

At first, I didn’t give much to the thing, and I just accepted that she wanted to read it.

Then when she started reading the book, she wanted to share her experience with me, telling me some of the things written in the book.

I thought to myself, “interesting, but it doesn’t attract me.”

Ironically, a few months later this book entered my life forcefully since the meditation exercises it contained were necessary for the training I was facing.

Living in Hungary and since I still don’t speak Hungarian very well, I decided to look for the book in my native language (Italian).

I searched on, and the surprise was great when I found out that I had the opportunity to listen to the book for free through Audible.

In reality, it is free only for the first 30 days, then it costs $ 14.95 per month and includes a credit (that allows you to buy an Audiobook).

The advantage of listening to the book is that it is possible to listen to a voice that guides us in meditations.


Who is Dr. Joe Dispenza

Breaking the habit of being yourself

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international professor, researcher, scientist, author, and educator.
He has been invited to speak in over 32 countries on five continents.
As a teacher and educator, he is driven by the belief that each of us has the potential for unlimited greatness and skills.

As a researcher, Dr. Joe’s passion lies in the latest discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions.

The dr. Joe Dispenza uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves from diseases, chronic conditions and even terminal illnesses so that they can live a happier and more satisfying life, together with evolving their awareness.

He is the author of the following books:

  • Evolve your brain
  • Change the habit of being yourself
  • Placebo Effect
  • Becoming Supernatural

What is the book about?

My purpose in this paragraph is to give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect if you decide to read this book.

The book is very fluent and alternates the narration of concrete facts with scientific explanations.

Personally, I very much appreciated the author’s stories of direct or indirect experiences.

Reading this book will give you a lot of information about the benefits that can be achieved through meditation.

In addition to this, it teaches a real step-by-step method to allow the brain to access alpha brain waves.

Breaking the habit of being yourself also explains some elements of quantum physics related to the functioning of the human brain.

Although quantum physics is a fairly complicated subject, the author manages to explain with clear terms and within the reach of all some principles related to it.

The concept behind the book is that, through meditation exercises, it is possible to modify the destructive habits that we have learned over the years.

Change is induced through meditation, turning to quantum physics phenomena.

It would be impossible to summarize what is expressed in the text in a few words. However, I would like to specify that beyond what I can convey with this review, the book provides all the means to understand what we are doing and above all why.


My experience with Breaking the habit of being yourself

The first part of the book contains all the explanations and notions necessary to understand the exercises proposed in the final part.

In my case, it took about 10 days to read and “digest” the topics proposed in the first part.

The following phase is about meditation, The exercises consist of a 4-week program:

  1. Induction;
  2. Recognition, Admission, Declaration, and surrender;
  3. Observation, Memorization, and Re-orientation;
  4. Creation and practice.

As the weeks go by, the contents of the following weeks must be added to what was done in the previous weeks.

The first week will only include induction. Starting from the second week instead, we will repeat the induction, adding later recognition, admission, declaration, and surrender. And so on following the same principle in the following weeks.

The time to dedicate to meditation, based on what has just been indicated, varies from 10-15 minutes up to 40 minutes in the last week.

It is important to remember that meditation must be done sitting and not lying down.

Otherwise, there is a risk of falling asleep due to the state of relaxation that is induced.

Personally, I have benefited from doing meditation exercises every day for 4 weeks.

In fact, although I have finished the cycle indicated by the book, I continue to meditate daily.

I wrote a post about it, and I invite you to read it.

It could be interesting in case you want to get more detailed information on the results of meditation.

Here is the link for my post:

Alpha Meditation Waves


Pros and cons of the book

It is a complete reading, suitable for everyone, which allows you to explore and deepen some aspects of neuroscience.

You don’t need any special knowledge to understand the content of the book.

Meditation exercises are very useful, and can truly represent a turning point in people’s way of being.

Some parts of the book are a bit too heavy.

I had to dwell on some parts and listen to them several times because it was not always easy to understand the explanation on the fly.

Sometimes the examples seem a little forced.



The book itself is a good read, and the success that sets it apart must certainly depend on its quality.

I have read conflicting opinions about it, but I don’t feel like denigrating it.

Although the investment for the purchase of a book is very limited, if yours is only curiosity, I suggest you rely on the audiobook that you can download and listen for free for a month through Audible.

I would like to know your opinion if you have already read this book.

I’m also curious to read in the comments what was your experience with Breaking the habit of being yourself.

Have a Great day,


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