Expensive clothes for men – Tips to look attractive

Expensive clothes for men – Tips to look attractive

Expensive clothes for men

Tips to look attractive

It is useless to deny it, in the context of seduction, details make the difference.

A well-chosen accessory worn on the right occasion can transform you into the star of the evening.

If you have read my previous articles on seduction and put into practice the advice I have given you, at this point, you should already be well advanced in the development of your seductive art.

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So it’s time to spend a few words on your outfit.

I chose the title “Expensive clothes for men” in a more provocative way.

In fact, sometimes spending a few dollars more on a quality garment can give you much more than you expect.

In this article, we will analyze, one by one which are the clothing items that can allow you to show off.

My aim is not to make you spend more than you normally invest in clothing.

I would rather allow you to make more accurate choices that can lead you to a more seductive outfit.


1. Jackets, T-shirts, and Shirts

Expensive clothes for men

In this part, there is no precise rule, if not that of choosing something that suits your style.

If your body is the result of hard sacrifices in the gym, you can certainly choose to wear a slim fit.

If your style is typically elegant, my advice is to focus on a slim fit shirt.

Depending on the weather, you can wear a jacket over it.

The important thing is that the colors go well together.

I always recommend to break and avoid using colors that resemble each other by gradation and hue.

The shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, making your look a little sportier.

If, on the contrary, you don’t like the gym, and your style is more niche, then don’t force things.

You would immediately notice that you are a fish out of water.

My advice is to avoid garments that highlight the shapes if this can make you feel uncomfortable.

A T-shirt or shirt with a softer fit can be for you.

The color in this case is your ally, black in fact has the ability to make you appear thinner.

Speaking of colors …

As already mentioned, black slims, it is, therefore, advisable for those with a few extra pounds.

White is always elegant, but at the same time, it is very delicate, since it is getting dirty.

We are talking about seduction, and although each color can be combined in an excellent way with other colors, my advice is to choose sober colors.

In the case of shirts, I recommend using only one color, or at most 2 if we are talking about details, or very thin stripes or squares.

I do not recommend very colorful clothing. Your goal is to seduce, not get hired as an entertainer in a tourist village, right?

It is also advisable to avoid combinations of colors that bring to mind certain occupations. If I told you: white shirt, black jacket, and trousers with black shoes? Don’t you think of a waiter? Do you think every woman’s secret dream is to be seduced by a waiter?


Without wasting too much time in small talk, Jeans are the most flexible of trouser fabrics.

There are all colors and shapes.

Whether you wear a T-shirt or you have chosen a shirt, Jeans can match your style.

Again, if you have tapered legs, you can afford a slim fit or even skinny pants.

In cases where the shapes are a little more generous, the advice is always to avoid the slim fit.

It is also important to evaluate the height of the waist, which must be subordinated to how much your belly protrudes.
Flat belly – Low waist.
Protruding belly – Medium-high waist.

If you want to use elegant trousers instead of jeans, be careful. The rest of your outfit should also be elegant.

3.The shoes

They are important, a nice shoe brings out the outfit.

Now is the time to focus on the topic of the article.Expensive clothes for men

If you can save on the previous two points, or keep the budget you used previously, this rule does not apply to shoes.

Let’s start by saying that sneakers, however prestigious, are not exactly the type of shoe that befits a seducer.

It is possible to use sports shoes, but I would recommend avoiding sneakers.

In this case, my advice is to have shoes in different models and colors.

An elegant shoe, better if of a good brand, certainly attracts attention and gives a touch of class to the whole outfit.

It is important that the chosen shoe suits the rest of the clothing.

The most expensive shoe in the world is not enough to make an outfit that has nothing to do look decent.

Imagine ripped jeans with a very elegant shoe, maybe in crocodile skin … here we understand each other.

4.The accessories

Here we are, this is the most important point.

Expensive clothes for men, well these aren’t proper clothes, but they are needed to complete your outfit.

Have you ever wondered why brands such as Rolex, Omega, and ICW are so well known, even though they produce “only” watches?

For the same reason that Ferrari, Porsche, and Rolls Royce are synonymous with luxury in the automotive sector.

In addition to being owned by a few lucky ones, they represent in a certain sense the social class to which they belong.

In the same way, accessories can highlight belonging to a specific social class.


Having a precious watch on your wrist can make it so that the viewer can think that you belong to a prominent social class.

I do not say that it is necessary to have a Rolex on your wrist, there are many other fine watches.

For example, I own the following, and I often get compliments when someone notices it.

Here you can find some a good watch available on Amazon:

Personally I bought a limited edition of that model (which makes it more valuable, since only 1999 more people around the world own it), and I must say that it often happens that people ask me questions about it.

Here it is:


Bracelets and chains and rings

In this case, the material from which these objects are made is what gives them value.

Gold, silver, or platinum, but also steel and rubber.

It all depends on what your style is.

My advice, in this case, is to not go overboard.

A bracelet can be an added value, more than one is tacky.

The same goes for rings and chains.


The next time you go shopping, I hope you keep my advice in mind.

Remember that purchasing expensive clothes for men isn’t wasting money but investing in themself.

A well-groomed outfit can be the trump card to get you noticed, but remember that it is your personality that will conquer the heart of your soul mate.

I advise you not to invest large sums of money in the casual purchase of designer clothes.

Rather, I suggest you make a few targeted and quality purchases.

When buying a piece of clothing, remember that you are investing in yourself. Do you think what you wear will communicate to those who look at you and don’t know you much more than you think.

A person who sees you wearing a shirt with your embroidered monogram, nice quality jeans, and luxurious shoes, what impression could he have on you?

If you combine all this with a nice watch and maybe a bracelet, you’re done.


To your success,


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