How to attract the girl you like: the 100 points theory

How to attract the girl you like: the 100 points theory

How to attract the girl you like: the 100 points theory

In this article, I’m going to give you a big amount of tips to get look more attractive.

How many times did you wonder about which is the most important quality to be attractive?

How many times did you hear that somebody is successful because he is handsome, or maybe rich, or better both?

The problem is that those opinions have never given any good answer.

So you are still confused about what you should focus on, in order to attract that pretty girl you like from the first time you saw her.

Then you tried to focus on one aspect, without having good results, so you tried focusing on another one, and you still didn’t get a good result.

You may be reading books about tactics but they only teach you a routine or a standard style, without explaining why they act that way.

Maybe they work for the author, but not for you. The reason is that you are NOT the author, and you are a totally different person, having totally different values.

The 100 points theory isn’t a science proof theory, but in my opinion, it gives you a fair idea about what are the fields in which you should improve in order to be more attractive, and I’m not talking only about the physical aspect.

Think to our society: it is always represented as a pyramid, the base is suitable for everybody, and the edge, is only for a few people.

The highest position you occupy, and the easiest you will get what you want.

This isn’t a magical pill.

Now that I got your attention, I’m going to explain how to attract the girl you like!


1st area: Appearance

It is well-known that a man should look like a real man, this isn’t a secret.

That shows the respect you have for your body. It is like your business card.

How can you think that if you don’t respect your own body, women will? Well, they simply won’t.

How can you think you can attract the girl that you like if you don’t even take care of your body?

So the first important thing is to go to the gym and take care of your body. Sometimes you may have no time to go to the gym (it happens so often), but you can easily keep fit by doing push-ups and sit-ups at home, maybe avoiding using the elevator and eating too much, if you know that you won’t consume those calories.

Whether you eat healthier foods, you will maintain better health, your skin will look better and this is very important.

If you have a skin problem you may contact a doctor who can help you to solve it. Healthy skin usually shows your good health.

Let’s talk about teeth if your smile isn’t properly a “Hollywood smile” you may go to a good dentist who can take care of your teeth, maybe whitening them, and make them look better.

Remember that a beautiful smile is always very attractive. If you know that your teeth look good, you won’t be afraid to smile.

Another important thing is your smell, you should always use deodorant and perfume after the shower.

Think about the last time you traveled by bus and the person standing close to you, didn’t have a shower from days, did you feel comfortable standing there? I don’t think so.

Being clean and scented is another very good point to score.

The last, but not less important point is, your outfit, you could follow the newest fashion

How to attract the girl you like

style, but it must definitively fit on you.

Choose accurately your clothes, you don’t need to wear expensive clothes, but if you do, then you shouldn’t act like a star, you should be simple anyway because wearing fashionable and expensive clothes is natural for you.

Remember that the only feedback you are interested in is your success, not your friend’s opinion!

The only thing that counts is to attract the girl that you like


2nd area: Inner status

It is something we often do NOT consciously analyze, but we perceive it on an unconscious level.

Have you ever noticed that when you are cheerful, you can be much more communicative than when you are sad and thoughtful? Yes, women feel it a mile away. That’s why when a man feels good – he is more seductive.

How to attract the girl you like

The gaze, for example, conveys the inner status (or even the type of personality).

Even when we do not analyze it consciously, we can instantly recognize from the gaze whether it transmits tiredness, brilliance, shyness, indifference, or even seductive energy.

Mimicry also expresses our inner status.

We can almost speak without saying words thanks to the muscles of our face. Watch the most famous actors!

It is possible to say what they think at any moment – just look at the face. There’s no need to think and reflect – it’s all so clear! And yet we can be expressive.

Use specific exercises to train your facial muscles.

Smile when you feel good and when you see something you like. Learn to smile just by slightly lifting the ends of your lips, just a few millimeters.

Train yourself to express your metamessage (metaphor describing your inner state) through mimicry and gaze.

Various blocks on a physical level (functional deficiencies) affect our inner status, inevitably limiting us … So you can make a visit to the trusted chiropractor to put everything in order and feel freer.

Needless to say, other problems, like nervous tics, are also to be removed … Body and mind are our best allies in this life – you have to take care of them!

In the same way, we can also continuously grow and improve the inner status … The tool we need in this case is the inner game.

We have the whole spectrum of paths with experiential exercises that help us understand ourselves, find the balance between what we are and how others perceive us, define our goals.

Having a goal to move towards is essential for the inner game.

People who have a mission live their lives to the fullest, and those who don’t know where to go (or at least where to go away) remain wandering souls.

In other words, the purpose we are talking about is also called “passion”.

Something we can gladly dedicate our resources to so that it is not an expense, but an investment.

In this case, your purpose is to attract the girl that you like, so work hard, go and get her!


3rd area: Social position

Many works by famous psychologists/sociologists have been written on this topic … I will make it easier and, if necessary, you will always be able to read the writings of the most important characters of us.

Do you still remember the theory of social pyramids? As far as the social position is concerned, in our society, there are six basic pyramids in which we can grow by climbing higher and higher, up to the top.

Six pyramids that women pay particular attention to.

Here they are:

– Public power.
– Finances (money).
– Superpowers.
– Physical strength.
– Personality (charisma).
– Fame.

Let’s start with public power.

Note that the word “public” is not used by accident.

Nobody cares if you are a celebrity who dictates the rules of the game to anyone, camouflaged by homeless people so as not to be recognized.

The fact is that women are very competitive, and love to tell friends of a person who can solve any problem, who often appears on TV and maybe travels with the bodyguard.

Think about it, do you know handsome politicians? Usually, they aren’t, but they own a huge power and their wives are beautiful women, isn’t it?

Fortunately, women also like those who are simply part of that whole circle.

It means that you just have to have a friend in that area and you have to tell that something very interesting happened to you while you were having a coffee with your old parliamentary friend or something similar.

And really, friendships like that can really help you in life.


Well, needless to deny it, they have their importance.

Just look at the famous marriages between models, actresses, and billionaires in their eighties. True, women love money, that’s it.

But you don’t have to give women so much money to impress them. To achieve our goal we can only make it clear that we have money.

Remember that you are not obliged to pay for women, but at the same time, we must realize that comfort has a cost. When I invite a girl to a restaurant – I pay.

When she invites me – she almost always pays. Just remember that you don’t have to pay for women, pay only when you want it and when you like to do it.

Think about what would happen if instead of spending all that money on women, we spent it on ourselves. For our look, healthy food, entertainment, hobbies, travel, etc … A similar investment would earn us many more points on other fronts.

Too many times I have seen guys getting engaged and starting to spend a lot more money on their girlfriend than on themselves.

Indeed, to be honest, once I was like that too, then I tried the other way and I realized that there is no better investment than that in oneself.

In this case too, the myth can be exploited by placing ourselves close to someone who is already high enough. For example, to the question “what job do you do?” you can say “my family has a few restaurants in the center …”.

Maybe the parents are so drunken they don’t even give us a penny, but that’s another matter.

If you are interested on how you can earn some extra money, I also wrote some articles about it.

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Don’t worry, nobody tells you to jump off the skyscrapers to learn to fly like superman. Everything that is unusual, esoteric, inexplicable belongs to the category of superpowers … Being a magician, fortune-teller, masseur, hypnotherapist, etc., means having superpowers. It is clear that not only will it be enough to talk about it, you should also be able to demonstrate it. In short, it is appropriate to deepen those passions that you have had for some time, but you have never had time to put them into practice.

To achieve maximum results, everything must be seasoned with generic language and suggestions in our favor … Milton Erickson teaches.

Physical strength.

Women like strong men, but physical strength should only be shown when it is present.

Have you ever seen those little boys who wear sleeveless shirts with their arms like matches? And others who wear tight shirts with bellies? Here, you’re not one of them, are you?

The various cups and trophies can prove your worth, the photos too.

The classic example is the soft air players (the uniform’s speech is also included, which is very attractive).

And now comes the most beautiful part: the personality.

These are your personal qualities that distinguish you from many of your peers and colleagues. The charisma, how we speak in public if we can bear the social pressure if we can keep the group’s attention on us and use it according to our goals … Your IQ, your flexibility, your reactions to the unexpected … And most importantly, your success with women matters a lot. The more women a man has – the more attractive he is to other women, who see him increasingly as a sexual partner. Girls will never confess it, but it is.


With our sixth pyramid everything is very simple: how famous are you? In other words, how often do they recognize you on the street? The more famous you are, the more women you will attract … Again, if you are not famous, you can exploit the fame of those you know. Stories, photos, etc …

4th area: How you speak

How many times do we notice how we talk to women? Our voice is a very powerful tool to improve relationships with others! In fact, there are many schools/training that teach how to use our voice better because of many exercises … Replacing a practical path with “do it yourself” read in some free blog is impossible, however, I have some advice that will surely improve your para verbal language

Speaks slowly.

Many people talk too quickly when they talk to women … They run like they have chili in their ass! And instead, there is no need to rush … The goal is not to submerge the woman with as much information as possible, but to make sure that she understands what we want to communicate.

You have to talk slowly … With the necessary breaks, which create suspensions. See how the President speaks on New Year’s Eve or how “the godfather” speaks in the film. Do not interrupt the girl to say “yes, I understand what you mean, blablabla” even when you really think you understand. Don’t be in a hurry to answer questions.

Speak softly.

Any good communicator will tell you. You don’t have to scream to make yourself heard. In fact, the more you speak softly, the more people have to be careful to hear what you’re saying. A good criterion for success is when people get closer to you while you are lowering your tone. But you don’t have to speak too softly. That is when people stop you constantly asking yourself “what? can you repeat please?”, simply, that’s not a good thing. When the woman doesn’t hear well (in clubs) – speak to the ear. Get close to her ear, take her by the hips or head (bringing her ear even closer to your mouth), and keep talking softy.

Speak in your chest voice.

Normally we are used to using only one of our resonators – the throat. It’s normal, but unfortunately, it’s not the best.

By learning to speak with the chest voice we can get really amazing results.

It has a strong resonance, vibrates with greater power, is more pleasant to listen to, and communicates self-confidence.

There are courses that teach how to use the diaphragm and speak with the chest voice.

For the most part, it is about having better control of your body and having your body more relaxed.

The difficulty is not so much in learning, but in always using that type of voice. Yoga helps a lot.

A deeper voice will certainly help you to be more attractive at the girl’s eyes.

5th area: What we say

It is obvious that with women we must also talk about something (come on, at least sometimes).

At this point, many men are used to making a mistake – talking about something other than what is actually needed.

True, with women we can talk about any topic, including football.

But why!?! What does football have to do with seduction?

Exactly, nothing. We are talking about the best way to attract a girl, so the topic should that one.

The rule is simple: the more you talk about sex, the sooner you will have sex.

Be careful though, you don’t have to talk about how she makes love or how many men she’s had. Sex yes, but in general.

Among other things, in the various books written by people who are much wiser than me, they write that talking about an emotion, sooner or later we will experience just that emotion.

May the strength of metaphors be with you.

I deepened this topic here: What to say to girls – Be attractive



To recap:

1. Appearance
– fitness
– skin
– teeth
– smells
– accuracy
– look
– style

2. Inner status
– gaze
– mimicry
– physical blocks
– tics

3. Social position
– public power
– physical strength
– fame
– superpowers
– leadership
– charisma

4. How we speak

5. What do we say

..and now let’s do the math:

Suppose that in each of the five criteria we can reach a maximum of 30 points.

It is easy to calculate that our score can go up to 150 points (30 x 5).

The theory, however, bears the name of the hundred points because it is precisely by reaching that threshold that you will start to attract girls.

In addition, there is the so-called BONUS X2: that is when in one of the 5 areas you have some characteristics that make a woman go really crazy.

Example: I (who shave me to zero) meet a girl who loves those shaved to zero, if my score in the first criterion (external state) was 20 points, having caught the right girl, with the bonus X2 the points become 40 (and therefore it becomes easier for me to get to the famous 100 points).

By taking care of these aspects we are able to improve the quality of our life and, consequently, to climb to the top of the pyramids. Yes, we become the best, we automatically become the prize. But be careful, it doesn’t automatically mean passively. What we say and how we do it is as important as the rest. Furthermore, the commitment that we invest in the external state and in the social position inevitably increases congruence, positively influencing the rest!

In conclusion, I want this to be clear:

– we are the only ones responsible for our life;
– everything that happens to us is only thanks to us;
– to be truly congruent and coherent we must take responsibility for our life.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this new article and that the time I spent on it will help you to reach the goal which drove you here.

Please remember that even if you will improve all the described areas, the only way for success is trying, failing, and then trying again until you succeed.

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