How to become a millionaire from nothing

How to become a millionaire from nothing

How to become a millionaire from nothing

The Internet is a mine of information.

By browsing, you can learn almost anything.

We can find thousands of success stories: people of all ages who, starting from a state of poverty, have created an empire and now live in luxury.

Seeing this kind of story more and more frequently, I decided to analyze some of these cases with you, in the hope that you too will one day share one of these lucky stories with the net.

We live in the digital age, where anything is possible. We just need a good idea and a great desire to make our dreams come true and we find a way to make our dreams real.

Imagine having nothing but a bunch of good ideas and a great desire to succeed.

For sure you have asked yourself at least once in your life: How can I become a millionaire starting from nothing?

Well, in this article we will try to find what the success stories of the most famous overnight millionaires have in common.

1) Wesley Virgin

How to become a millionaire from nothing

According to his accounts, Wesley was born into a family that is anything but wealthy.

He can be a perfect example to understand how to become a millionaire from nothing.

Several times in his videos, he talks about how he spent years looking for a way to get rich.

Like many other young people, Wesley also faced failures, periods of poverty, and days of despair.

What for him was the key to success, in my view, was responsibility.

Over and over again he refers to the fact that becoming a father led him to change. The will to ensure a prosperous future for his children led him to get rich.

According to his stories, he claims to meditate daily and perform visualization exercises and apply quantum physics techniques to put the law of attraction into operation.

Wesley has created a real guided path in which he explains all the practices that led him to become a very rich person.

He calls them “mind hacks”, and in fact what he teaches are techniques that go to work on our subconscious to “reprogram” our brain so that it accepts the possibility that we are rich, instead of counteracting it due to past experiences.

I highly recommend that you watch the following video found in the link below to learn more about Wesley’s techniques.


2) Dave Sharpe

How to become a millionaire from nothing

Dave got rich thanks to his Legendary Marketer which I mentioned in one of my previous articles.

Like Wesley, Dave also says he had complicated adolescence. In fact, he had problems with alcohol and drugs.

This is what makes me believe that if he succeeded, then everybody can. What we need to know is how to become a millionaire from nothing.

He doesn’t come from a wealthy family either, but he somehow managed to turn the page and become a millionaire.

He too, like Wesley, has decided to change his lifestyle and become a better, wealthier person.
As explained above, the mindset played a fundamental role for him too.

The approach chosen by Dave is very different from that adopted by Wesley, the first is linked to planning and organization, which, associated with a winning mindset can give amazing results. The second bases his work on psychological aspects and on the subconscious rather than on technique.

In Dave’s strategy, I really appreciate the painstaking attention to detail. The way Dave has indeed built his business is certainly noteworthy.

Dave, like Wesley too, is a person with strong charisma and innate communication skills.

The substantial difference between the two is the communicative style.

Dave’s is very clean and elegant, while Wesley’s is the exact opposite.

Personally I prefer Dave’s style, but that’s just my point of view.

3) Common points

Superficially analyzing these two millionaires, it would seem that there are very few characteristics that unite them.

But if we don’t stop at the appearance, we will notice that there are some common characteristics. We could deduce, that these are therefore useful characteristics to be successful.

As previously indicated, both have strong communication skills and are extremely charismatic characters.

Analyzing their way of communicating, I noticed that they both leverage strong emotions to make us understand the importance of their work.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that both claim to start from a not very rosy economic and social situation.

It is natural that a user who for some reason comes across their pages, while listening to their words, perceives those negative emotions that would be felt by pouring into poverty.

Basically, both Dave and Wesley, talking about how difficult their lives were before becoming a millionaire, make the user feel the same emotions that he would feel pouring into a state of poverty, even if he is not poor at all.

4) Differences

Of course, speaking of different people and products, it is undeniable that there are differences.

The common element is that both cases analyzed have discovered how to become a millionaire starting from nothing.

How they achieved success is totally different.

Wesley started with training programs to later move on to personal development and a method of making money online.

Dave, on the contrary, studied from the beginning a method to get rich online, creating a product that would allow people to make a substantial income.

As I mentioned, Wesley focuses on the spiritual aspect. He invites meditation, the control of one’s desires, and the manifestation of the law of attraction.

Dave instead is more attentive to the technical side. He provides a method that teaches you how to create a real online business.

Wesley is more inclined to create a lot of videos without dwelling on the graphic and sound quality. He takes his cell phone and starts talking to his followers.

Dave is fewer media, he does little content but of considerable technical quality. He is attentive to details and his videos also accompany the contents with a very high visual and auditory quality.

To my knowledge, Wesley does not schedule live events, other than a few online meetings via live meetings on Facebook or other channels.

Dave offers live events instead.


It is difficult to provide the recipe for success, but normally, the first step in NLP is to study the attitudes of successful people.

In this case, although there are considerable differences between the cases analyzed, we can see that there are also similarities.

Also according to NLP, by copying the mindset and actions taken by those who have been successful in a particular industry before us, we can achieve similar results.

In Dave’s case, there isn’t much data on the emotional aspects of his work, but we do find a lot of information that we can use in our favor.

From Wesley, we are provided with a limited amount of technical information. On the other hand, we can get a lot of information related to the emotional side.

By combining what we can learn from each of these examples, it is possible for us to achieve amazing results.

If you want to know more about the aspects related to Wesley’s mentality, I suggest you take a look at the video below.


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