How to earn money online with no investment

How to earn money online with no investment

How to earn money online with no investment

Browsing online, you will certainly have come across advertisements that promise to make you rich without the slightest How to earn money online with no investmenteffort.

Do they really allow you to get wealthier without investing your money?

In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas about how to earn money online without investing your money.

Seeing videos of very charismatic men or women who tell you how poor they were, and through a simple method, they have become very rich.

It is the current trend.

Personally I asked myself: “Why if it’s so easy, aren’t we all very rich?”
Why does a person who is already rich need to make videos to convince you that with his miraculous method you can get rich too?

The reason is simple, they are trying to sell you their product, which will most likely explain how to get rich, but first, it will be you who will make that person “further” enriched.

I am going to explain how to earn money online with no investment.


1 – Selling T-shirts online

If you have a strong artistic spirit, you can create masterpieces through software for graphic production such as Adobe Illustrator, this is a great way to make money online.
With this method, I’m going to explain how to earn money online without investment.

It is a practice known as dropshipping.
Simply put, your job is to prepare a design to print on T-shirts, mugs, cell phone covers, caps, or sweatshirts.

The site offers you a platform that allows you to Mock-up your design on the chosen object, and then to put it on sale on the site.
The site will take care of procuring the raw materials, printing, and shipping the finished goods.

The goods will be sold at the price you set.
Let’s say you want to sell a shirt with your design for $ 25, the site will keep the production costs (pretend it’s $ 15) and pay you according to the agreed method $ 10 for each of the goods sold.

What makes this method interesting, is that in the event that the design is highly appreciated, it is possible to earn large sums of money.

How much do you think the creator of this design has gained?

$ 5000?

$ 10,000?

In fact, the ingenious creator of this design earned over $ 100,000! Not bad I would say.


If you like the idea, you can try:



2 – Selling handmade products on Etsy

Etsy is a platform that allows you to sell handmade items for sale. 

In this case, however, we are not talking about dropshipping, the logistics part is in fact entirely your responsibility.

Let’s pretend you’re an expert in preparing clothes or gadgets for cosplay. You can sell your products on Etsy, which will serve as a showcase and allow many people to see what you sell.

I recommend this site to those who passionately produce objects that can hardly be found on the market.

Through this site, it is possible to obtain customers who, if satisfied with the product purchased, may return to request your services.


3 – Offer technical services on Fiverr

How to earn money online with no investment

Fiverr is a platform that allows all professionals to offer their online services.

They could be the translation of documents, the transcription of the text of a video or a song, or the creation of a logo or image.

Trust me, on Fiverr you can really offer any type of digital service, and in case your skills are out of the ordinary, it is possible to create a good amount of customers.

The advantage of Fiverr lies in the fact that the relationship is direct.

If customers had an excellent experience with the service offered by you, they could certainly return to request offer jobs.

On Fiverr, it is also possible to purchase services from other users.

This is connected to the first method to earn online.

In fact, if you don’t know how to use graphics programs, but you still want to make shirts, you can rely on the services of a professional graphic designer on Fiverr.

For a few $ you can find somebody on Fiverr who could create a splendid image for your T-shirts.

If you want to register on Fiverr, click on this:



4 – Affiliate Marketing

As the ancient Romans said: “Dulcis in fundo”.

Which means, that the dessert is tasted in the end.

I left this method last because it is the least immediate method.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, it can offer a more solid long-term yield.

This method consists of selling products from certain companies and receiving commissions in the range of 5% to 75%.

Affiliate marketing is about making products known to an audience. In the event that there are sales through our affiliate link, the company that sells the product would pay us commissions.

Many sites allow affiliates to make good profits with this method.

Further details about Affiliate Marketing

The reason I say it is less immediate is that unless you are an experienced salesman, it will take some time for the products you are dealing with to start earning commissions.

At the same time, this method can represent a real full-time job, and depending on the commitment it can really earn a lot of money.

Unfortunately, explaining everything about this method in detail would require dozens (if not hundreds) of pages.

How to earn money online with no investment

Online you can find many resources that explain how to start this type of activity.

If however, I had to give an opinion on the best platform where to learn how to make money online without investments, my vote would certainly go to Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a community made up of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, who share their ideas and give advice.

This site offers a free guided tour for beginners and by all means to be able to learn this method of earning.

It also includes the possibility of creating your own website for free.

You can request premium paid services, which however will allow you to further develop your knowledge and deepen the method.

Here is the link to join this community:

Wealthy Affiliate.

If Affiliate marketing interests you, I invite you to read the following post:

Best Paying affiliate marketing programs


I cannot say for sure which of these methods is the most suitable for you since each of us has different qualities.

What I can suggest is to try what you like best, nothing prevents you from trying another method later.

Patience is the virtue of the strong.

If you want to try one or all of these methods, my advice is to put effort and patience, which in life always reward.

I would be very happy to read about your successes and your experiences in the comments on this post.

Best regards,

34 thoughts on “How to earn money online with no investment

  1. Thank you Andrea for your explanations of how these programs work. I really like that T shirt example but I think i prefer the Fiverr platform because I can work with digital products and I can have more than one business within that same account. Thank you for the details.

    1. Hi JJ,
      Fiverr is a very good way to start your online business, if your clients will be satisfied with your service, then you can also get recurrent incomes.

      Have a great day,

  2. What a fun collection of ways to make money online without a big financial investment. 

    The dropshipping business model has always been of interest to me, as it seems like the perfect way for someone with a good idea for a shirt design (great example, btw) to test it out without risking their own money. 

    It’s perfect for so many businesses and places that are trying to raise money. For someone who isn’t yet sure of demand for their product, this will help them avoid being stuck with excess inventory that they can’t sell.

    1. Hi Aly,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Actually the good thing is that the dropshipping has almost no risk, and in the page mentioned in my post, you can also learn how to start commercials for your ideas.
      Let me know how it’ll be if you will try it.

      Have a great day,

  3. Hi Andrea:

     I have ideas for some creative gadgets that I would like to somehow show other people but could not figure out where to go with them. After searching around the web, I was not sure of what I was actually looking for until I found this site.

     This post is a one stop shop for channelling creativity!

    Thanks again:


    1. Hi Craig,

      I appreciate your comment and I hope that thanks to my post you found your way to sell your gadgets successfully.

      Have a great day,

  4. Thanks so much for this encouraging post! Making money online depends on how smart and action-oriented you are. And most people who claim they are making money online are actually either struggling to make money or already earning hundreds of dollars monthly. A great way to figure out who is already making a living online is the kind of website they own – whether they are on a customized theme or a free theme, etc.

    As you taught in your post, affiliate marketing is one of the most viable programs that help to earn passively, letting your money work for you over the long haul. I also work on Fiverr as a freelance writer and earn a few bucks monthly to my bank account.

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Hi Isreael,

      Thank you for your comment.
      The most important thing is to avoid thinking that you are going to earn money without doing nothing.
      The ones I described are indeed jobs, so if you work hard and you are a bit lucky, you can earn money, but you need to invest your time first.
      I hope you found some good ideas in my post.

      Have a great day,

  5. I think this is the first page I’ve seen that actually offers genuine ways to make money instead of the pay-to-learn solutions you mentioned. I will definitly look into these and give them a try. I think selling products on Etsy will be my best bet as I love to make stuff by hand. Thank you so much for these recommendations Andrea!

    1. Hi Lexi.

      I hope you will find the best way to earn money online between the ideas that I provided.
      I will share some more ideas soon, so stay connected 🙂
      Have a great day,

  6. Hello. Thank you very much for your great Article on making morning online without investment. Personally, I love the fact that I can make T.Shirts and sell them online to make money, render services online for money and even sell my handmade mugs, etc for money. I am going to take advantage of this. Thanks.

    1. Hi Joy,

      you are more than welcome.
      I hope that your design is going to be successful and you will earn a lot of money thanks to it.

      Have a great day,

  7. Your suggestions for working online and making money with no investment were interesting.  With the changes that we live with from day to day as people are figuring out how to live with the results of the pandemic, having more than one thing going could be a real good idea.  How much time is required for the T-shirt thing, once you have your design?  Are you responsible for getting the product before buyers?  Does the place where you create your design have a marketplace? How protected is your design?  

    Finding a place online that really works for you is always a mystery.  Have you done the Fiver thing?  I am curious how long it takes to get chosen for a job?  That part of the process has been a mystery to me.  I think that Wealthy Affiliate offers a chance to make money online.  I love the support of the network there.  When I get bogged down I have found help there.  

    1. Hi Sami, and sorry for the late answer.

      T-shirts are printed and shipped within 10 working days from the order. I have already ordered some samples and I must admit that they are quite good quality. The site analyzes the designs and check whether they are unique. Of course good ideas can be modified and copied, but all in all you can be quiet.
      I didn’t try Fiverr yet, but actually I got many good feedbacks from friends who use it regularly.

      Have a great day,

  8. Hello there,  thank you so much for this very detaiked an informative post,  I must say this is a very timely post for me because I have often wondered how I can make some money from home during this locked down that is due to the corons virus pandemic,  my job no longer pays complete salary since the pandemic has alot of effect on the economy I really need where I could be making passive income and this post have just profare solution to my challenge.

    1. Hi Jomata,
      Covid 19 is one of the main reasons why I decided to share this post.
      I hope that you will succeed if you try one of the described methods.

      Have a great day,

  9. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your quality content, I am really amazed with what you’ve done here, I wasnt sure at first when I saw your post, I never really thought a good business could start without any capital, but after going through your post, I see its s good idea , I already saved these page so as to come back for future reference

    1. Hi my friend,
      Actually internet is wonderland in my opinion, there are infinitive possibilities, and for sure there are many other ideas I will share soon.
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Have a great day,

  10. I was researching online on business ideas which will be viable for me to invest on as a second stream of income, since my business was shot down as a result of Covid 19, I was directed to this to this website. Having gone through your business ideas, I am convinced that selling handmade product on Etsy will be a perfect option for me since I have proficiency in artworks

    1. I’m happy if my post helped you.
      Actually I was also thinking about people who lost their job because Covid 19.
      Hopefully my ideas can help and I’d really be satisfied if thanks to my post you and people who needs it can get a real income.

    1. Hi Eliud,

      In this post, you can find some good ideas.
      Try to join Wealthy Affiliate
      Every day hundreds of people get extra money by following the training and the advice received there.

      To your success,

  11. Hi sir,
    That’s a noble purpose. How would you do that?
    In my opinion if the ones in need can read my post and can access the internet, hopefully, these ideas could help them to improve their financial situation.

    Have a great day,

    1. Dear Kumar,

      Thank you for your comment.
      This whole website is the one that I created using what I learned thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.
      That’s why I suggest it. Please let me know if you need any further information, I’ll be glad to share it with you.
      If you want more information about Wealthy Affiliate, take a look at my post:

      All the best,

    1. Hi Deepak,
      if I correctly understood your question, to earn money you should prepare your t-shirt design first of all.
      At the provided page, you can register for free, and then you can open an online store where a mockup with your design will be shown.
      Of course, it is up to you how to make people see your design. But actually, you can use Facebook, Instagram, or other social media to make it known.
      Once somebody will purchase your t-shirt, then you can choose how the company is going to transfer your money to your account.
      Actually, there are also mobile apps provided by the suggested page that can help you to keep your business under control.
      I also suggest you check and follow the available training because they can really help you to build a successful business.

      Kind regards,

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