How to improve communication skill

How to improve communication skill

How to improve communication skill

Today we will talk about how to improve communication skills.

In this article, my purpose is to provide you with some means of becoming a better communicator.

As I have repeatedly stressed in my articles, communication is the basis of NLP.

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Have you ever talked to a person who, although he said sensible and useful things, from the first moment was unsympathetic to you?

On the contrary, you have certainly happened to listen to someone, who perhaps spoke of a topic that did not interest you, but for some reason, you liked to listen to what he said.

It doesn’t matter that you are a student, a teacher, a parish priest, or a parent. The way you communicate can cause you to be listened to easily or ignored.

Many times an effective communication style can make the difference between a success and a total fiasco.

Main characteristics of effective communication

What is achieved is defined as effective.

In the same way, when we talk about communication, we define it as effective if through it we manage to transmit to our interlocutor what we want.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a concept or an emotion.

If we communicate effectively, our interlocutor will understand what we are saying on the fly.

If you want to know how to improve your communication skills, keep reading the following points.



Before explaining how to improve your communication skills, I want to ask you a question: can you listen?

It is possible to increase one’s communication skills only when one passes consciously from the dimension of feeling to that of listening.

Active listening will allow you to establish better, more solid, and lasting relationships. This applies both in the workplace and in the private sphere.

You can enrich yourself on a human and cultural level, drawing valuable information from the experiences of others.

With active listening you will become more empathetic towards the emotional experience of others, going beyond what is expressed by words alone.

Those who use active listening in a relational context are people open to individual exchange and growth, eager to fully understand the meaning of the messages received and determined to reduce communication misunderstandings.



How to improve communication skill

It is a characteristic of human behavior through which one expresses one’s opinions in full respect for others, affirming oneself in every social sphere.
Assertiveness can really be adopted in all contexts of daily life.

It is an indispensable relational skill for the positive development of interpersonal bonds since it makes respect, positivity, and collaboration its winning weapons.

In psychology the term assertiveness indicates the ability to defend one’s interests with the sword, expressing one’s thoughts with ease, without aggression or passivity.


How to improve communication skill

To know how to improve your communication skills, you must learn to be an empathetic person.

Empathy is the ability to connect deeply with other people.

Through it, you can be able to feel their emotions and their moods as if they were yours.

Being empathetic means putting yourself in the shoes of your interlocutor to understand how he sees and experiences a given situation.

Thanks to empathy you can help those who are in a difficult time and this spirit of solidarity will also positively pour out on your self-esteem.

Doing good to others is equivalent to doing good to yourself.



Often in everyday conversations, we make the mistake of focusing on ourselves.

In fact, we usually focus only on our display skills and on the richness of the concepts conveyed, but sometimes the questions asked to make the difference in terms of communicative effectiveness.

Questions asked in the right way lead in the right direction and allow us to enter into a deep connection with our interlocutors.

In order to establish positive relationships with others, it is necessary to know how to involve them and make them active subjects, or protagonists of the conversation.

My communication tutors always said to me: “Who asks, commands”.

The questions put our interlocutors at the center of attention and allow us to obtain valuable information.

There are basically two types of questions: closed questions and open questions.

The former are immediate and allow us to immediately get to the answer we are looking for, but they are often binding and annoying.

They generally pose the alternative: yes/no.

The latter, on the other hand, are more “colloquial” and give the interlocutor the opportunity to express himself freely. In this way, we will bring out what he really wants to communicate.

They serve to break the ice and start a new conversation.

They also serve to deepen the level of confidence with people.

What do you think of the information on how to improve the communication skills that you have read so far?

Write it in the comments, I’m curious to know your opinion.



In the relational sphere, the feedback performs the function of confirming, modifying, or strengthening an attitude/behavior of the interlocutor, to improve the overall quality of communication.

Feedback could be a request to the person we are talking with.

This message serves to facilitate learning and to widen awareness.

The feedback is used to inform the source of a message of the effect produced on the recipient.

In addition to the act of observing and listening, therefore, we can collect feedback to check whether what we have said has been correctly received by our interlocutors or not.

The result of effective communication, after all, is precisely what the other has understood.

You must verify that your message has arrived at its destination without interference or misinterpretations.



Every day we inevitably come into contact with many people, both for personal and business reasons.

Difficult partners, neurotic bosses, touchy colleagues, listless collaborators, suspicious customers, and those who have more.

If we don’t know how to communicate effectively with them, our days will be full of problems, frustrations, and conflicts.

For this reason, knowing how to improve your communication skills is a fundamental step in your personal development.

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