How to increase the self esteem

How to increase the self esteem

How to increase self-esteem

How to increase the self esteemOne of the most frequently asked questions I have heard in the area of seduction and Self Help is: how to increase the self-esteem?

It is not easy to determine whether self-esteem in this case should be associated with personal development or seduction.

I chose to include this article in the second category because very often the reason that drives some people to look for an effective way to increase their self-esteem is to get noticed by the person they like.

Unfortunately, this is a rather painful point in particular for younger people – even if it is something necessary, school and family do not give way to our character to form independently.

We must always abide by the rules imposed by someone else, whether they make sense or whether they don’t.

Self-esteem is a topic particularly related to seduction – how many times have you heard that women like self-confident men?

Below you are going to read my tips on how to increase the self esteem.

What exactly is self-esteem?

How to increase the self esteem

What do women mean by self-confident men?

They don’t mean the James Bond of the situation, the one who always knows what to say and how to act.

Women like the man who knows how to show their vulnerabilities without fear.

Can you find a better definition of the term self-esteem?

Increasing self-esteem means not being afraid to show your weak points, expressing your opinion even when everyone is of the opposite opinion, acting despite the fear.

Fear is seen as the most insurmountable obstacle of people with low self-esteem.

We often tend to think that self-confident people are not afraid.

If we think of the greatest entrepreneurs or the historical characters, we cannot imagine them fearful.

However, everyone is afraid. The difference between a self-confident person and a person who should increase their self-esteem is that the former feels fear, respects it – but still acts.

If you notice, fear is a state of mind that you usually perceive in situations when you leave your comfort zone or when you are doing something important.

Considering that we should all leave the comfort zone at least once a day, fear indicates that we are on the right track.

Fear is therefore our friend if we manage to live with it.

Once this concept is assimilated to a profound level, the way to increase self-esteem is completely downhill.

Idealization against fear

This means the more time we spend thinking about how scary something is – the heavier the influence this something will have on us.How to increase the self esteem

Remember, fear is our friend, and every time we meet it, it means that we are on the right path.

It means that we have left the comfort zone and that the situation that scares us in some way represents something important for us.

Meet your fears if you feel your legs shaking – it’s a feeling that lasts less than you imagine.

Do you know when you see a beautiful girl on the street or in a disco and you don’t know whether to approach her?

If you don’t approach it immediately what happens?

Think of all the worst scenarios that can happen:

  • she is engaged;
  • as soon as you approach her she starts shouting;
  • her brother comes out from behind the bush;
  • she is in a hurry;
  • she is not very recommendable…

At that point, it will be impossible to approach, and you will see your opportunity to fade in front of you.

On the contrary – you see it and approach it with confidence.

The approach is very bad, she gets angry and goes away screaming.

Now, touch your face … Are you still whole?

Definitely yes, and this answer connects us directly to the next point.

Whatever happens, you will be up to the situation!

The moment you realize that whatever happens, even the worst, you will be able to find the best solution and get up – nothing can scare you.

To keep this advice on a practical level, keep these three points in mind that could change your perception of obstacles:

  • When you are faced with an obstacle that seems insurmountable, think of all the obstacles you have overcome in your life. I have no doubt that you have already gone through something much more “frightening” – you’ve already gone through it once, there is no reason why you can’t do it a second time;
  • Self-esteem is not built victory after victory, on the contrary. Self-esteem increases following falls – every time you fall, and find the strength to get up, add a small brick to your self-esteem;
  • When you face a situation that is particularly troubling you, like a speech in front of 400 people, or a meeting with investors, it will happen that you don’t feel ready. Here, there is nothing wrong. To overcome similar situations you do not need to be ready, you need to grab the devil by the horns and simply act.

Repetition is the mother of skills

When you find yourself in difficulty, when you are afraid of not being up to a certain situation, read this article again.

When a bad day happens, we often tend to see everything black – our work, our dreams, our friendships.

Avoid falling into this trap, keep your head up and keep in mind that fear is your friend: the more times you meet her, the more confident you are on the right path.

You need to keep focusing on your goal and continue practicing. Day after day, you will be better and better.

When you will start to get good feedbacks and see the results, you will get additional motivation so you will play harder.


There is no magic pill to becoming self-confident in 24 hours, but hard work pays off!

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20 thoughts on “How to increase the self esteem

  1. Having a strong sense of self-esteem is definitely a helpful tool for reaching your dreams. One should be confident, without being arrogant, that they have the skills and resources to achieve all the things they dream of for their life. It is normal to question things on occasion, and it actually helps to make sure that you are doing your best. Just be cautious to not let self-doubt take over your thoughts — make sure to return to the head space where you are confident in your own abilities!

    1. Hi Aly,
      Thank you for the comment.
      You definitively understood my purpose and it is nice from you going in details about this suject.
      Arrogance isn’t properly seductive and not even helps people to show their qualities.
      Have a great day,

  2. I bookmarked your page after reading your about me page. While reading “how to increase the self esteem I was hooked. dealing with challenges in my life costing me to doubt my every move I am sure I will get some encouragement reading thru your Site. Thank you so much for sharing. 

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thank you for your comment.
      It really makes me happy to share my experiences and my knowledge with you all.
      I hope that I’m going to give you some more useful information soon, but if you have any suggestion, please share it.
      Have a great day,

  3. Hey Andrea,

    What a wonderful post. I had never associated self esteem with seduction before. It simply hadn’t occurred to me, but now after fully reading your post, it all makes so much sense. Even the fact about facing our fears & leaving our comfort zone is so important & essential to do on a regular basis. I found this article has in depth detail with regards to self esteem and i’m definitely going to bookmark it for referring to it again. Thanks again for sharing this post! 🙂

    1. Hi Tummy,
      Thank you for your nice comment.
      I wrote this post hoping that it can be useful for somebody who is blocked from his fears, but wants to go out from his comfort zone.
      Have a great day,

  4. Self-esteem is  instrumental to what becomes of us, our daily activities must reflect self confidence , self organized in other to become relevant before other people…without self esteem one can even become offended with how poorly they performance was in the case that they couldn’t live up to expectations, but I know that this review has review a lot about self esteem and how to overcome….this will help many folks in many ways to strengthen their confidence.

    1. Hi Blessed,
      Thank you for sharing your point of view!
      I hope that my post will really help many people to face their fears and become more self-confident.
      Have a great day,

  5. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your article. This is really inspiring and motivational, I think people needs to see this, I will be sharing this with a couple of friends who needs this. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Philebur,
      Thank you for your comment and thank you for sharing it with your friends, I hope it can help them.
      Have a great day,

  6. Heloo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this inspirational and insghtful post on how to increase the self esteem. 

    I would like to start here by saying that the fear of fear it self is the beginning of failure and loss of self esteem. I have really learnt to know from this article that fear can be our friend if well managed in any situation. Thanks fir sharing this, I will surely visit this site some other time.

    Best Regards !

    1. Hi Sheddy,

      You are totally right, fear is natural and it makes sense only when it’s about surviving, but actually, we shouldn’t care that much of deadly dangers while living in the normality.
      Facing our fears make us free.

      Have a great day,

  7. Hello Andrea. Thank you for sharing such an interesting article that actually has given me more guts to face my fears. I know have faced my fears severally and the results paid off. There is indeed no reason why I cannot do it again and again. I have discovered that I feel unready most of the time and especially in my singing ministry. So I have learnt that one may never be ready enough, he should just do it. This is the sure way to increase self esteem.

    1. Hi Techie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I have a nice quote for you: “fear knocked the door. faith answered.there was no one there.”.
      Keep it in mind, if you face your fear, you’ll be stronger than the fear itself.

      Have a great day,

  8. Splendid article Andrea, I must say you do quite well In your writing skill, I really did get every detail on your review. Self esteeme is really not what we can easily exhibited even we want takes real courage to exhibit your reàl self …
    Thanks for the nice topic chosen for your review and I will definitely get back to your site to get more awesome reviews

    1. Hi Evans,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I appreciate it and I hope that you will keep reading my posts in the future.
      I have many ideas and I’m trying to give as many contents as I can.

      Have a great day,

  9. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for putting effort to come out with such an awesome article, so many persons today is a victim of low self-esteem, with this article their self esteem will be triggered. Self esteem is very important in dealing with inferiority complex, the disadvantage of low self-esteem is not something to reckon on, hence there is need to increase the self esteem.

    1. Hi,

      sometimes shyness is blocking us, but increasing self-esteem can help people to face their fears.
      No matter why, an improved self-esteem is always something which can help people to succeed.

      Have a great day,

  10. Hi,
    I really liked your post. It is important to be self-aware and recognize when we need change. I found this article empowering. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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