How to pass exams easily – With an online training

How to pass exams easily – With an online training

How to pass exams easily

It was my student career that inspired me for this article.

I chose “How to pass exams easily” as a title, but I recognize that is maybe a limitation. Indeed what I describe below is something that can help you in every field of your life, from your studies to your job.

In fact, I was certainly not what can be called a model student. I was mostly devoted to achieving maximum results with minimum effort.

Actually, I used to pay attention in class during lessons, but I didn’t like studying at home.

I did my homework, but never went beyond what was strictly necessary.

This rule applied to all subjects, except those which for some reason interested me more than the others.

After my studies, I thought I had finished with that ordeal, but I was wrong. Life is a continuous examination, we must always be ready to demonstrate what we know.

Think about it, having a great learning ability can make you the ideal candidate for better jobs, or it can favor you if you participate in public competitions where there is only a limited number of places available.

In my case, it was just like that, thanks to a better learning ability I was able to access better-paid positions, investing less time in studying.


The traditional teaching method

How to pass exams easily

Since childhood, we are taught to read aloud, consequently, the speed of our reading is limited by the speed with which we are able to pronounce the words we read, but is this really our limit?

Over the years, studies have been done which have shown that the brain is able to read much faster than we are used to.

There is talk of people capable of reading up to 200 pages per hour.

At school, we had to learn poems and then recite them by heart, and to do that the system was that of repetition.

Again science has shown that there are far more effective ways to remember.

I am not saying that what we are taught in school is wrong, but simply that it is not very efficient.

Fortunately, we are intelligent beings and we can always learn new ways to face old challenges.


How can you read 200 pages per hour?

It is a skill within the reach of any person, but it is not something that can be taught in a few minutes by reading an article.

In my case, to obtain a greater efficiency of my study method I followed this online course:
This online course gives access to some free resources, which are already sufficient to get a clear idea of the potential of the course itself.

The main characteristics of the course are those of teaching a method, instead of teaching many techniques for their own sake.

Before starting this course, I had read some books on the subject, but this was not enough for me to learn how to use the techniques effectively, on the contrary, the problem with books on the subject is the total lack of interactivity, which many times helps to understand the basic concepts better and faster.

The course is divided into several parts that will gradually allow you to get into the topic and learn the fundamental things to be able to use techniques.

Each part is important, but not very useful if taken individually.

In order to understand this statement I will give you a concrete example: let’s pretend that in our case the most important thing is to read many pages quickly, let’s say 2 pages per minute.

In an hour we will have read 120 pages. If, however, we have omitted all the previous parts of the course, we only risk wasting an hour of our precious time because our memory has not been able to store and organize such a quantity of information.

So when we need to recall the information read, we will discover that we cannot remember that information.


How does it work?

In the early stages, the learning curves are explained.How to pass exams easily

In simple terms: when it is necessary that we re-read the text. Knowing learning curves allow us to use our learning ability in the best way and avoid forgetting an excessive amount of information. So we avoid studying everything again.

In the next step, techniques for efficiently storing information are explained, so that we can easily recall it when we need it. Obviously there are different techniques depending on the type of information we have to memorize.

Then a note-taking technique that takes advantage of the fact that most of our memory is visual is explained.

Maybe you’ve already heard of Mindmaps.


Fast Reading

How to pass exams easilyWhen you master the memorization techniques, it will be time to learn the speed reading techniques.

To explain how fast reading works, the easiest way is to use an example.

Normally when we read we follow the lines from beginning to end with our eyes. We mentally repeat the words we are reading with the speed with which we would pronounce them.

The fast reading is different, in fact, based on how well-trained your peripheral view is, you can read an entire line by fixing one, two, or three points. In this way, the eyes move in jumps instead of scrolling from word to word.



  • The method is easy and intuitive;
  • It is possible to download free material to try some techniques;
  • The price is low and affordable for everyone;
  • The improvements are noticeable as you progress with the course, not just at the end;
  • Audio and video lessons are available.


  • It takes a few months to master the techniques and complete the course;
  • At first, it may seem a little boring;
  • You can achieve similar results by reading books.


How to pass exams easily





The course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire 8 weeks after your order.

So you can read the whole book, try some of the strategies and if you don’t find yourself starting to understand your course material better, spending less time studying or getting better grades, you can simply send one email and get a prompt and courteous refund.

Who is behind the course?

The author of How To Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort is Dr. Marc Dussault, a serial entrepreneur who holds 5 academic degrees.

Looking in google, I found several articles and reviews about Dr. Marc Dussault, none of which suggests that he is a scammer.



In my case, this product was an excellent purchase, and although I have read other books on the same subject before trying the course of Dr. Dussault, this product has provided me with additional information compared to those already in my possession.

Whether your goal is to improve your professional profile, or whether you want to save time during your studies, this course is right for you.

I would also like to invite you to check another post. There I explained a technique that allows you to remember quickly a list of words.

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If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post, I’ll be happy to answer.

Have a great day,



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