How will life change after Covid-19?

How will life change after Covid-19?

How will life change after Covid-19?

Since December 2019, the whole world has been facing a new threat.

It is a threat that no one was actually prepared for and that is radically changing the way we live our lives.

We are talking about the pandemic called Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease 19).

At first, it was compared to normal seasonal flu, only slightly more acute.

Underestimating this threat was probably the mistake that led us to the current state (September 1, 2020).

With this article, I do not intend to judge the performance of different countries, but to analyze how this threat will change the way we live in the future.

I intend to increase the attention of those who read this article towards a real problem that could definitively change the way we live our lives.

Perhaps I would also like to provide some ideas on how to prepare for what lies ahead once this pandemic is averted.

Prevention is the first cure

We are analyzing how life will change after Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, no one cared to keep a distance of at least three feet from other people.

When we met an acquaintance of ours, whom we hadn’t seen for a long time, it was perfectly normal to greet each other with a handshake.

It seemed strange to us to see someone wearing a mask on public transport or in shops.

Few people always had a bottle of sanitizer with them.

Now, however, these countermeasures have become commonplace. Consequently, to adapt to the high demand, many factories have started producing just this type of product.

During the first half of 2020, many countries resorted to lockdowns and banned assemblies. Which has yielded positive results?

Unfortunately with the arrival of summer, the increase in travel abroad, and the easing of containment measures, the number of infections has returned to rise.

To contain the infections, in some countries the government has ordered the closure of activities at risk for a few months. With a clear impact on the economy.

Although the intention is to safeguard people’s lives, this solution has certainly affected the economic stability of some families.

Psychological repercussions

Each of us bases our life on habits. We have rhythms that we have become accustomed to overtime.

Let’s take a 40-year-old man, married and with children, as an example.

He usually works from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5.

Every morning he takes his children to school, during the lunch break he takes them home. In the evening, after work, he takes them to play sports 2 or 3 times a week, and so on.

Except in exceptional cases, his days revolve around these fixed commitments. There may be some minor changes, but it usually follows this routine.

Then, suddenly, a pandemic afflicts the whole world. His life will change in a few days after Covid-19

All the actions this man was used to doing are upset. In a short time, the new situation is different.
He has to work from home if the job allows him. Professions such as that of the barber, for example, have been suspended.

Children must attend online classes.

Normal habits break down, altogether.

This situation generates enormous psychological stress, especially since the enemy that caused it is invisible.

It is a new evil that we cannot see, and that the media lead us to fear however dangerous it may be.

The world population is neither used nor prepared to face a similar situation.

Economic repercussions

Taking the previous example, we can ask ourselves how life will change after Covid-19 from an economic point of view.

Some of us are fortunate to have jobs that have not been affected by the pandemic. But the number of these people is certainly lower than that of the next category.

Unfortunately, many others weren’t so lucky. Some businesses, such as meeting places, being a potential means of contagion have been closed for months. Similarly, the various commercial activities in the holiday resorts have suffered enormous damage as a result of the many cancellations.

The same can be said for factories that produce goods that are not of primary necessity.

The most flexible-minded entrepreneurs have adapted their business to produce masks or material to combat the pandemic.

The only certain thing is that Covid-19 has had a disastrous impact on the world economy.

As often happens in these cases, there have been some activities that have gone against the tide.

The most striking example is that of Amazon, which has even increased its turnover, given that online purchases have increased due to the lockdown.

Amazon is the voice out of the chorus, but it is an example that I like because it shows that even in difficult times like the one we are going through, there are always those who in one way or another can benefit from it.

Unfortunately, as Jeff Bezos gets rich, many people pour into extreme situations.

This pandemic has exposed many weaknesses in modern society.

Effects on personal relationships

In addition to the effects described above on how life will change after Covid-19, there is one that is often not taken into consideration.

In recent months we have changed our lifestyle, changing many of our habits.

As the months go by, the new habits we are building will also grow stronger.

Wearing a mask to enter stores has become a habit. Now, after months of forced practice, along with the keys, the cell phone, and the wallet, I am used to taking the mask when I leave the house.

As well as this, many other small habits have also changed.

Now, when I meet a colleague on the street or in the office, after months of not seeing him, it is no longer fashionable to shake his hand.

Hugs themselves have been banned because they do not respect social distancing.

The human being is a social animal and the fact of not being able to meet his fellow human beings can seriously debilitate him.

At the same time, we are becoming more and more attached to social media, television, the Internet, and anything that makes us feel connected to the rest of the world.

All of this will slowly lead us to forget some of our social skills and replace them with other types of skills.


Effects of Covid-19 on health

Don’t get me wrong, in line with the rest of the article, I don’t want to talk about the clinical aspects stemming from this virus.

I am referring to how the new habits we are creating in these months affect our bodies.

Safety measures adopted by some governments require you not to leave the house without needing to. The gyms, as at-risk environments, have been closed.

The practice of physical activities has drastically reduced. In this way, if the block continues over time, in addition to a decline in physical fitness, we will become increasingly lazy.

In this way, the metabolism will slow down and we will begin to consume fewer and fewer calories. If we do not adapt our diet to the new caloric needs, we will inevitably find ourselves accumulating fat.

Again, the return to normal after Covid-19 will not be easy. Imagine how your life will have changed after Covid-19.

I hope I am wrong, but the situation is not rosy and the new increase in cases that are taking place in the last few weeks is an alarming sign.

Until a few weeks ago it seemed that the emergency was over and everything was ready to return to normal, but just when we let our guard down, we discovered that the emergency has not completely disappeared.


The cure for Covid-19

China and Russia claim to have discovered the Covid-19 vaccine, but neither country has yet put it up for sale.

Those who discover the vaccine first would have the priority to safeguard their people, before making it available for other nations.

However, I remain perplexed. It may be that the reason why mass production of the vaccine has not yet started is that it has not yet been properly tested.

It cannot be ruled out that the reason is economic. Faced with a pandemic that is afflicting the whole world, if the vaccine had been discovered, all the major pharmaceutical companies would like to market it before the others.

According to the best-known law of the market, price is the relationship between supply and demand.

Now the demand is very high, and the supply is limited if at all. The value of the vaccine is therefore extremely high.

I hope the reason is closely linked to experimentation, but in a world where everything is linked to money, I believe that the second hypothesis is the most accredited one.


Awareness is our strength

We have an overview of everything that has changed until now and how life will change after Covid-19.

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but rather realistic.

We would all like to wake up in the morning and think that everything we have experienced because of Covid-19 was just a bad dream.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we can try to prepare for the return to normalcy. We have a clear picture of how our lives after Covid-19 could be if during these months we had been waiting for the end of the pandemic without doing anything.

Now, you still have time to decide what you want to do with your life after the pandemic.

There are those who will sit on the sofa for hours and hours playing video games, those who will dedicate themselves to a healthy workout, those who will read many books, and those who will try to learn new skills because they want to start from a better position than they were when due to Covid-19 they lost their jobs.

It is not my job to tell you what to do, only you know what is best for you.

In the next few paragraphs, however, I would like to give you some ideas on how to spend the time in case this particular period continues for a long time.


What is your action plan for after Covid-19?

A few months ago, I had already written an article containing advice on how to deal with the lockdown constructively:

Mental health tips for lockdown – keep active

I never expected to write a second after a few months, in reality, I was hoping that the pandemic would last a few months at the most.

In any case, I believe that in difficult times like this, although it is difficult to see the positive side, there is a positive side.

We have time to plan how your life will change after Covid-19.

For this purpose, the main question to ask is:

Before the pandemic started, did your life satisfy you?

If the answer is yes, then just get ready to do what you did before the pandemic.

If not, you have to figure out which aspect of your life does not satisfy you.

There could be more than one aspect, so your plan will have to include all or most of them.

In the next paragraphs we will analyze the main areas of development that can come in handy when, after the Covid-19 emergency has ceased, we will reorganize our lives and try to return to normal.


In what field would you like to improve yourself?

Before proceeding with the reading, pause for a moment to reflect.

Some of us will certainly want to get fit: lose a few pounds and maybe build more bulky muscles. Before Covid-19 we didn’t have time to cook healthy food, we were too tired to work out, or there was always a good reason to rest.

Now is the time to cook healthy food. You can do some exercises at home to keep fit.

If this is your goal, I suggest you read my post:

The best workouts to lose belly fat

Others may not be satisfied with their professional life. Maybe you are unemployed or you don’t like your current job. Or you have recently finished your studies but are unable to find a job because you lack experience.

In this case, you can try to learn the skills required to get your ideal job. Usually in the job offers are specified the characteristics that the ideal candidate must have. Even if the job you are looking for may not be offered in your area, you can rely on similar jobs to learn the skills you would need to do it. The moment there is an offer, you will be ready to get that place.

Also in this case I wrote a post that can be useful for improving your job position:

How to get a job with no work experience

If your love life doesn’t satisfy you, I have 3 articles to suggest:

How to attract the girl you like – The 100 points theory

What is sexy for a man

and in case your love pains depend on a recently ended relationship:

Dealing with relationship break up

The last aspect I want to talk about is the economic one.

I am sure that during this period some people, in the absence of an income, have had to go and draw from their savings.

It is possible that you have lost your job or you are waiting to be able to return to work after the lockdown is over. In any case, having an income right now would be handy. This would be the right time to prepare for any other emergency.

Would you like to have a secondary source of income, independent of anyone other than you?

If this is what you need, I invite you to read my article:

Invest money – make money

I also advise you to take a look at this page. I tried it and I would never have believed it could give me such an effective mindset:

Wealth Affirmations


Use the lockdown to become your ideal self

Imagine what your life would be like if you improve those areas that didn’t satisfy you.

Imagine yourself when you have achieved those goals.

Now, make an effort to make that image as real as possible.

Make the colors as bright as possible, maybe try to visualize yourself fulfilled and happy as if it were a scene from a movie.

What are your feelings? Make those feelings strong and lively and feel the emotions you would feel if you had already reached your goal.

You can close your eyes while doing this exercise.

Focus on yourself, breathe as a happy and proud person would breathe! Assume the posture you would have if you were happy to have achieved all of your goals.

You must focus on the emotions you are feeling. These same emotions will be the fuel that will fuel your ambition to become a better person.

When your emotions are extremely intense, press the thumb of your right hand on the tip of your index finger and middle finger. Repeat this process trying to focus more and more on your emotions.

This is the anchoring technique from NLP.

Now, every time you repeat the finger pressure as I indicated earlier, your body will immediately remember those sweet emotions you were feeling just now.


In this post, I have gathered all the information that I believe can help you get through this difficult time. I hope that thanks to them you will be prepared for how your life will change after Covid-19.

If this post was helpful to you, I’d love to read your comment.

Take care of yourself,

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