Is Teespring a scam? My experience

Is Teespring a scam? My experience

Is Teespring a scam?

If you read my previous article: “How to make money online with no investment“, you will remember that I talked about Dropshipping.

Specifically, I talked about the printing and sale of T-shirts.

In reality, there are several sites that allow you to create designs, print them on T-shirts which can then be sold.

In my article, I referred to

The reason why I indicated Printify and not Teespring is described in this article.

Teespring is a site that allows you to send your images and have them printed on cups, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or covers for mobile phones.

In this post, you are about to read my experience with this site.


My first experience with Teespring

Before trying to sell shirts online, I wanted to test the quality of the products.

The first site I found was Teespring. I first appeared on Dropshipping, so I was excited about the discovery.

After a few hours spent on Photoshop, my design was ready and I was already putting the image on the shirts.

I proceed with the purchase and order 2 T-shirts, one for me and one for my girlfriend.

The first thing that left me perplexed is the fact that the two shirts were shipped separately.

So after a few days, I received the first tracking number, and then after another couple of days the second tracking number.

After a month I received one of the two T-shirts, but the second one never came.

I started to doubt Teespring’s seriousness and wonder if Teespring is a scam.

I contacted customer service, and only through the site chat, I managed to get a new shirt sent.

It arrived after a month, but unfortunately, I wasn’t really satisfied with the quality.

My design wasn’t on the left side chest position, it was most central, at the same time, the cotton quality was quite low.

My second experience with Teespring

While waiting for the first order, I thought of proceeding with a new order. I could not imagine that I would regret it.

The idea of preparing a design and wearing shirts with the fruit of my imagination amused me.

I prepared another witty design and proceeded to order 2 more samples.

This time Teespring shipped the products after a week, but at least Teespring shipped them together.

More than a month after my order, I contacted the assistance, because the carrier which Teespring uses does not allow the tracking of packages in Europe.

I sent at least 3 reports one after the other.

They have never replyed.

I searched for information on google, ending up on Trustpilot: a site where users can give feedback on the service received from a site.

I decided to leave feedback too.

This time, someone was kind enough to respond, apologizing for what happened, and inviting me to write an email.

Justifying with the Covid-19 the delays in both sending and replying to my emails.

I have not had other news after my mail.


Customer service

In my opinion, customer service is practically absent.

The chat that allowed me to send a new shirt after the first one was not delivered to me, was absurd, to say the least.

The operator did not understand my requests and it was quite difficult for me to send me a new shirt.

If it were only for communication problems, I would not be dissatisfied, because following my report, the operator created a new order for the shirt that I did not receive.

The problem is that the quality of the same was decidedly poor.

When I tried to contact customer service again on the occasion of my second order, the outcome was even worse.

The chat that had previously helped me was unavailable this time.

The support team does not respond to emails (probably based on the backlog they continue to accumulate).

Last but not the least, which SERIOUS company uses social media to handle the inquiries?

Is Teespring a Scam company if it invites you to contact them through Social Media?

Is teespring a Scam?

My overall impression

Even if they try to be a serious company, they have to work hard to be considered such.

I am pretty sure their purpose is good and they have helped people earn significant revenue by selling the products they had designed.

Unfortunately, their customer service is terrible and although sometimes they can help you solve your problem, it is often almost impossible to contact them. They also ship parcels through an inexpensive and unreliable courier that does not allow tracking of the shipment.

I would say that these are fundamental points for improvement.

Suppose you are a digital entrepreneur who wants to sell their shirts online. You rely on Teespring, and when you start selling, although some customers are satisfied, many do not receive the goods.

The same people who paid but received nothing will contact you. In turn, you will have to contact customer service.

Customer service in most cases will not respond or respond in unacceptable times.

So you will not be able to provide an answer to your customer and, although your work has been impeccable, you will be the culprit in the eyes of the customer.

Founding a business on this basis is certainly not advisable, especially if we want to build a reliable and successful business.


To the question: “Is Teespring a scam?” I answer that it certainly isn’t.

Behind the name Teespring there is a company that employs many people and that certainly does not make fraud its own method of earning.

I would rather say that the service it offers is totally unreliable and I strongly advise against using it to build your own business.

With the same level of service offered, Printify works much more seriously.

In support of my theory, I would also like to provide some images that will allow you to understand what I mean.

Unpleasant situations can occur in any business. It is part of the entrepreneurial risk.

A company normally takes into account the fact that a small percentage of the orders it receives can go wrong.

The percentage must be very low, almost negligible.

Is teespring a scam

With Teespring, it seems that the cases that are not successful, are above the 30%. A similar percentage would make any entrepreneur choose another partner.

My suggestion is to avoid wasting your time and money with them.

Maybe they pretend it is not their fault if they can’t handle the orders properly, but seeing the feedback they continuously receive it seems that they aren’t able to avoid shipping and bad customer service issues.

Have a great day,


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