Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

Is Wesley Virgin a scam?

In this article, we will analyze the products offered by Wesley Virgin in its advertising campaigns.

As you know, YouTube, Facebook, and many other sites refer to the data relating to your previous browsing to “calibrate” the advertising.

So if you see this type of advertising, it means that the analysis conducted by these sites on your account shows interest in related topics.

In this case, you will most likely have searched for news related to online earnings.

First of all, I’d like to analyze who is Wesley Virgin.

According to Wesley is a fitness guru and Internet Entrepreneur.

In my opinion, Wesley is first of all a great communicator, in fact, he masters communication in an excellent way.

He is able to transmit emotions and we must recognize that he transmits pure energy with his own words.
He knows how to alternate moments in which he screams with moments in which he speaks in a calm and slow tone, and he knows how to do it in an extremely effective way.

I don’t know if he actually speaks the truth, but he looks very sincere while talking about his life.

Check this video, and let me know what do you think about him:

His “Motivated, Dedicated” and “Let’s go” are a trademark.

He is undoubtedly a great salesman.

But the purpose of this review is not to define Wesley, but his products.



Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks

Is Wesley Virgin a scam

I want to be clear, I do not speak by hearsay, I have purchased some of his products and my review is the result of my experience.

So, let’s go to the point: is Wesley Virgin a Scam or is he Legit?

After seeing one of the many advertising videos, I decided to give Wesley a chance. It was about midnight.
I purchased the Overnight Millionaire System product (USD 37).
After starting the purchase procedure, a series of other products are offered one after the other.
I then added 7 Minutes Money Magic (29.90 USD) and Psychology & Persuasion Techniques (9 USD).
After the payment, after a few minutes, I received the call from an operator who congratulated me on the purchase.

This impressed me positively.

The course consists of motivational videos explaining the attitudes that made the difference for Wesley.

In the various videos, he explains in detail the mindset that he adopted to become the billionaire he is today.

If you do not have experience in motivation, what Wesley does with his videos is to explain which attitudes are functional to achieving certain objectives, and which on the contrary are destructive.

Wesley often refers to motivational phrases coined or used by the most famous mental coaches in the world, such as Anthony Robbins.

The page containing the various contents is a bit bare, but if I have to express an opinion the quality of the contents themselves is good.

More than providing the secret to getting rich, it provides a mindset that can help you achieve your goals.

The purchase of this course also gives access to a private group on Facebook that allows users to share their experiences, ask questions, and anything else.

I’m still trying the suggested exercises and according to what he states, it takes 45 to 60 days to be effective.


Done for you Services Affiliate Marketing System

Among the videos presented by Wesley, there is a section “How To EASILY Make $ 1,000 Per Day With Your iPhone Or Computer” which gives access to a webinar of about an hour led by Ariella Iorio, a Wesley collaborator who in his way to say, she managed to earn thousands of dollars every day without having any skills.

This product offers a “turnkey” service to access the world of affiliate marketing.

In practice, the Wesley team takes care of creating all the material for you so that you can start earning from the first day (at least that’s what he claims) without you having previous experiences.

Additional costs

In addition to the initial investment, you are required to invest in social media advertising campaigns and buy your own domain.

A domain costs around $15 a year.

Wesley’s team suggests investing at least $25 a day (but $50 would be even better).

Promised earnings

The method promises to earn you over $ 500 a day effortlessly and within a few days of your investment.

I am still considering whether or not to invest in this product, but since I have conducted a small analysis, I want to share the results with you.

After looking for information on the web, I did not find negative opinions on the system, but also no irrefutable evidence showing that this works as indicated in the webinar.

If in the case of Wesley Virgin we have a Youtube channel with 167000 Subscribers and Thousands of videos,

in the case of Ariella Iorio, We have a channel with only 703 Subscribers and 4 Videos.

So I decided to investigate further

I looked for somebody who tried the method and can give me real data.

Being part of the group on Facebook, I asked users the fateful question: “Has any of you purchased this service? If yes, does it really work? “.

The only response received led me to the name of a boy who purchased the course and is using it. So I decided to contact him and ask for his opinion.

He was very courteous and answered almost immediately.

To the question, “How are you?” his response was “I am blessed”.

He showed me a screen of his earnings:

Is wesley virgin a scam

Compared with the promise, the earnings are below the expectation, but they are still far higher than any person could earn with a 9 to 5 job a day.

If we assume an average of $ 150 a day, investing $ 25 in ads every day, we would have an earn of around $ 125 a day which means $ 3750 a month.

This would be more than enough to justify the initial investment.



After viewing the introductory video, if you choose to buy the product, you get to the page that offers an overview of what the course offers.
I confirm that what is illustrated actually corresponds with what is then made available after purchase.

Currently, the Overnight Millionaire System alone costs $ 34.00 to which a further small discount is applied which brings the price to $ 31.62.

During the purchase, you may also purchase:
Sexual Transmutation Audio (“Manifest 10x Faster”) for 17.00 $. But I didn’t buy this product, so I can’t judge its actual quality.

Done for you Service Affiliate Market System, costs 897,30 $


The main page is the following:

The Done for you Services Affiliate Marketing System page is:


  • Very motivating;
  • Give some useful tips on how to get a winning mindset;
  • Contains a meditation exercise to attract money;
  • The price is clearly specified for each item;
  • Done for you Service seems to work according to my research.


  • After the first purchase, he insistently tries to sell many other products;
  • The program doesn’t teach any special technique;
  • The webinars offered as training are actually campaigns to sell other products.
  • Done for you service Affiliate Marketing System requires an important initial investment.


Wesley Virgin offers a 60 Day Full Money-back Guarantee



Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks 8/10

Done For you Service Affiliate Marketing System 7/10

In my opinion, these are definitively Legit products. In the case of Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks, I think it can be a good choice since it isn’t very expensive and it really adds value to your mindset and can help you to succeed.

Done For you Service Affiliate Marketing System as mentioned above, is a bit expensive, but if you can really earn 500 $ a day? then it means that it’ll take 2 days to earn the initial investment.

I’d appreciate your comment if you had any experience with “Done For You Sevice”, and I’m still thinking on purchase it and then let you know further details.

If you would like to learn other ways to earn money online, I wrote a post about other ideas here.

There you can also find a very good alternative to Done For You Service, which in my opinion gives a huge amount of information in order to allow you to become an online Entrepreneur.


Take care,


2 thoughts on “Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

  1. Hi, Andrea
    Thank you for this thorough and helpful review of Wesley Virgin’s products.
    I personally purchased the Overnight Millionaire System a couple of months ago and I am proud of the value I got from this product.

    What brings me here is about the Done for you Service by Ariella.
    As an affiliate marketer, I really want to expand my horizon with paid advertising.

    Can you offer me more information about this program? About their price, this is a one-time payment or monthly. This is what I want to know.

    There are many positive reviews about this program and I want to give it a try too if it is a one-time payment.

    I hope it will be beneficial to me like the one I bought a couple of months ago.
    Looking for your help.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Thank you for your comment.
      According to my analysis, I understood that the payment is a one-time payment, and it can be split into two installments.
      The only recurring costs are the one for the domain (which is yearly) and the one for the paid Ads, which is daily and it should be around 25-50 USD a day.

      Please let me know whether you will try it, because I’m also quite curious about that product, but unfortunately no one shares any information about it.

      Have a great day,

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