Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

Is Wesley Virgin a scam?

In recent months, youtube has been offering me videos of a certain Wesley Virgin with a high frequency.

This is an advertisement for a product that according to Wesley can change your mindset to make you richer.

My purpose in this article is to help you understand if this product is good.

But most of all I want to check if Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks product is a scam.

I recommend that you read this review carefully before purchasing any Wesley Virgin product.

Above all, I invite you to share it through social media with your friends. In this way, you will be able to reach as many people as possible and help them to choose carefully whether or not to buy the products.

This review could help you to wisely decide if purchasing Wesley Products is a good idea or not.


First of all, I’d like to analyze who is Wesley Virgin.

According to Wesley is a fitness guru and Internet Entrepreneur.

In my opinion, Wesley is first of all a great communicator, in fact, he masters communication in an excellent way.

He is able to transmit emotions and we must admit that he transmits pure energy with his own words.
He knows how to alternate moments in which he screams with moments in which he speaks in a calm and slow tone, and he knows how to do it in an extremely effective way.

I’m sure he studied and applies many NLP subconscious patterns that are incredibly effective when he wants to sell something.

I don’t know if he actually speaks the truth, but he looks very sincere while talking about his life.

His “Motivated, Dedicated” and “Let’s go” are a trademark.

He is undoubtedly a great salesman.

But the purpose of this review is not to define Wesley, but his products.


Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks

I want to be clear, I do not speak by hearsay, I have purchased Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks and my review is the result of my experience.

I bought this product in April 2020 and kept practicing Wesley’s exercises for at least 90 days.

So, let’s go to the point: is Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks a Scam or is it Legit?

After seeing the Youtube video, I decided to give Wesley a chance. It was about midnight.

I purchased the Overnight Millionaire System product (USD 37).
After starting the purchase procedure, a series of other products are offered one after the other.
I then added 7 Minutes Money Magic (29.90 USD) and Psychology & Persuasion Techniques (9 USD).
A Few minutes after the payment, I received the call from an operator who congratulated me on the purchase.

This impressed me positively.


What I like about the purchased product

The course consists of motivational videos explaining the attitudes that made the difference for Wesley.

In the various videos, he explains in detail the mindset that he adopted to become the billionaire he is today.

If you do not have experience in motivation, what Wesley does with his videos is to explain which attitudes are functional to achieving certain objectives, and which on the contrary are destructive.

Wesley often refers to motivational phrases coined or used by the most famous mental coaches in the world, such as Anthony Robbins.

If what you are looking for is training that will teach you how to become a more successful person, then Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks is definitively a very good product.

More than providing the secret to getting rich, Wesley provides a mindset that can help you achieve your wealth goals.

The purchase of this course also gives access to a private group on Facebook that allows users to share their experiences, ask questions, and anything else.


What should be improved

In my opinion, the quality of the videos is a bit low, they are truly amateur.

Wesley doesn’t care at all about the video and audio quality, he only focuses on providing valuable information.

The page containing the various contents is a bit bare, but if I have to express an opinion the quality of the contents themselves is very good.

After 90 days doing what Wesley suggested I didn’t become rich or earned $1000 a day, but the reason will be clear soon.

I followed all the tips he gave and actually meditating every day made me a bit more relaxed, but for sure not richer than I was.


  • Very motivating;
  • Give many useful tips on how to get a winning mindset;
  • Contains a very effective meditation exercise;
  • The price is clearly specified and very cheap compared with the given information;


  • The promised goals require other products to be achieved;
  • It requires a constant application for at least 60 days to get some results;


Wesley Virgin offers a 60 Day Full Money-back Guarantee for Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks and for Online Millionaire Mastery

I recommend you purchase it if:

You need extra motivation to become wealthier and you would like to find some very good tips on how you can change your mindset.

Overnight Millionaire Mind Hack can be a good choice since it isn’t very expensive and it really adds value to your mindset and can help you to succeed.

Click here to open the Video about what Overnight Millionaire Mind hacks:

Is Wesley Virgin a scam

Final Evaluation

Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks 8/10

Now you can read my answer to the question: Is Wesley Virgin a Scam?

I definitively believe that  Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks isn’t a scam.

In case you are looking for some information about Wesley Virgin’s Done For you Service, I kindly ask your patience, because I’m also preparing a review about it and I warmly recommend you to read it as soon as it’ll be ready because you won’t regret it.

I personally tried that product for you and I’d suggest you avoid purchasing it before reading my review.

I kindly invite you to share this post with your friends so they can avoid unpleasant situations.

You could find some ideas to earn money online in the following post:




To your success,


6 thoughts on “Is Wesley Virgin a scam? – My Review

  1. Hi, Andrea
    Thank you for this thorough and helpful review of Wesley Virgin’s products.
    I personally purchased the Overnight Millionaire System a couple of months ago and I am proud of the value I got from this product.

    What brings me here is about the Done for you Service by Ariella.
    As an affiliate marketer, I really want to expand my horizon with paid advertising.

    Can you offer me more information about this program? About their price, this is a one-time payment or monthly. This is what I want to know.

    There are many positive reviews about this program and I want to give it a try too if it is a one-time payment.

    I hope it will be beneficial to me like the one I bought a couple of months ago.
    Looking for your help.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Thank you for your comment.
      According to my analysis, I understood that the payment is a one-time payment, and it can be split into two installments.
      The only recurring costs are the one for the domain (which is yearly) and the one for the paid Ads, which is daily and it should be around 25-50 USD a day.

      Please let me know whether you will try it, because I’m also quite curious about that product, but unfortunately no one shares any information about it.

      Have a great day,

    2. Hi, They tell people in the fb group to post a review video or at least a review of Wesley Virgin while still doing the Overnight Millionaire 90 day program commitment.

      I’m planning on using other places to learn affiliate marketing. I do watch Wesley’s free YouTube videos which can be helpful. Right now, I’m going to buy the Clickbank Program. I highly recommend signing up for an account with them and getting started there. It’s a lot of value for less than $50. I’ll add other things to that soon.

      1. Hi Cristina,
        What is the program you are talking about?
        I’m in the same Facebook groups, including the Done For You Service Group.
        What Wesley’s team recommends to invest in Ads, is really too much (50USD per day).
        I can suggest you check my post about how to invest money to earn money online
        You can try it for free, and then you can purchase the premium services for only 19 USD for the first month, then it costs 49 USD per month starting from the second month.

        Have a great day,

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I am also interested in the Done For You Service with Wesley & Ariela. However, I need to acquire funds to get started. Have you tried any of the free content Wesley provided and a you made any money from them?

    1. Hi Gloria,

      I tried many of Wesley’s programs and the only one that I recommend is actually Overnight Millionaire. Even if the video quality is quite crap, the content is definitively valuable. After that, I purchased “Done For you” service, but I don’t recommend it. There is a reason why its price is quickly dropping, and it is that that program doesn’t work. Many people who purchased it, didn’t even earn the money that they spent to purchase it, but what is more ridiculous is that once your landing page is ready, according to the policy, you are not eligible for the refund.
      If you purchase it, please be ready to invest more money than what you expect, in fact, to make it work, Wesley is going to offer some upsells. So the minimum required investment is growing over $1000.
      About the free content that Wesley provides, 99% of those methods are only there to convince you to buy his products, because after trying them, you will realize that they don’t work, so you will finish purchasing done for you service.
      I’ll be glad to help you if you want to find a very effective way to start a profitable online business.

      All the best,

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