Jose Silva Mind Control – Does it work?

Jose Silva Mind Control – Does it work?


After writing about Alpha waves meditation, I thought that you may be interested in knowing something more about the sources where I learned about them.

Jose Silva Mind ControlWhen I first heard of Jose Silva Mind control, I thought it was one of the usual New Age commercial ideas, and the predominant feeling in me was skepticism.

The name was very provocative in my opinion, as it seemed like a technique to control someone else’s mind.

My girlfriend told me about the topic, who a few years earlier took part in a seminar that taught this technique.

His story was so passionate that I decided to buy the book and try to learn this technique.

A few years after reading the book, I decided to share my experience with you.


Purpose of the review

If you are approaching the Jose Silva Mind Control for the first time, my aim is to provide you with all the information in my possession.

So you can accurately evaluate whether this course or book may be of interest to you, or if I had decided to go deeper into the topic, which of the two is more suitable for you.


How this method works

The book begins by telling the story of Jose Silva.

He talks about how, almost by chance, he studied electronics, and how his studies alongside a brilliant intuition led him to develop the method covered by this review.

Jose Silva Mind Control
According to his intuition, given that the brain works through electrical stimuli it is possible to compare it to an electronic device.

Indeed electricity feed the device which does a job.

Since an electrical device performs better at low frequencies, the author’s intent was to find out how it was possible to reproduce the same effect on the brain.

So he tried to reduce the frequency of brain waves in order to obtain maximum results with minimum effort.

Jose Silva after being able to develop techniques that allowed to reduce the frequencies of the brain waves, he began to practice and taught the same techniques to his children and made them study by adopting this technique.

As a result, they began to demonstrate a significant improvement in school performance.

In the more advanced parts of the book, Jose explains that this mode gives access to almost supernatural powers such as spontaneous healing, prodigious memory, and clairvoyance.

The final part of the book explains the exercises to do to master all the techniques mentioned above.



I really like the idea explained in the Jose Silva Mind Control, the guided relaxation exercises to lower the frequency of brain waves until you get to the state that precedes sleep, called Alpha Phase.

After reading this book, I read other writings on effective memorization techniques or the development of brain skills.

It’s interesting how all of them, in one way or another, return to the Alpha phase to make the best use of our mental abilities.

It is very interesting how Jose Silva teaches NLP anchoring techniques to quickly access the alpha phase.



The supernatural faculties would make even the least skeptical person doubt.

I do not feel like saying that in the case of very capable people, extraordinary results cannot be obtained.

To learn how to master the techniques, you need to read the book three times:

the first time from start to finish;

the second time skipping the introductory chapters;

the third time doing the exercises.

This method is very long and demanding to learn.

It requires constancy and at least a month of continuous practice.

For this reason, I feel like saying that it is not suitable for people who have little time to spend in daily meditation.


In which case you should choose the book

Jose Silva Mind Control


If the cons described do not represent an obstacle, given the negligible cost of the book, I recommend you read it.

It is a fluent and easy-to-understand text.

It speaks about the topic in a way suitable for everyone and you won’t need any specific knowledge.

If you want a text for beginners, I think this book is definitely for you.




In which case I recommend the webinar

The webinar explains everything that you can learn from the book.

as well as teaching advanced techniques such as the following:

Stress Control – Physical and Mental Relaxation for Your Better Health and Well Being.

Sleep Control – When You Can’t Sleep This Amazing Technique Works Wonders!

Awake Control – Learn to Awaken Without an Alarm Clock Blasting Your Peace of Mind.

Headache Control – Occasional or Migraine Headaches Have Disappeared for Many Graduates.

This webinar can be followed even after reading the book, but its cost is certainly demanding.

On the other hand, in four days it is possible to master all the techniques.



We cannot compare the price of the book with the price of the webinar.

The book can be purchased on Amazon for $ 7,82 (Mass Market Paperback), $ 57,95 (Paperback) or $ 121,51 (Hardcover).

Free online resources are available and on the official website and the Webinar costs $ 119,98 – $ 999

Click here for more information.



I believe that reading the book, even just out of curiosity, is a valid solution suitable for all budgets.

Regardless of skepticism, we should dwell on what we really care about learning.

If we want to learn using our brain more efficiently, then this book could certainly prove to be interesting reading.

Regarding the seminar, since I haven’t a personal experience, it is difficult to express an evaluation.

What I can say is what my girlfriend told me.

After attending the seminar, with daily practice, she was really able to wake up on time at the desired time.

As mentioned in the book she did it without the need for an alarm clock.

Above all, through visualization, she managed to achieve all the objectives, both financial and work that she set herself.

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