Learn affiliate marketing basics

Learn affiliate marketing basics

Learn affiliate marketing basics

In my previous posts, we covered many topics about Affiliate Marketing.

I offered many ideas about how you can earn money online, but this post is going to be slightly different.

Many people around the web are seeking the secret to earning money online. Others want to learn affiliate marketing basics.

Contrary to popular belief, many people earn so much money online that they decide to leave their main occupation to devote themselves exclusively to online business.

At the same time, we must think that each of us has different talents. For this reason, what may be easy for some may seem impossible for others.

With this post, I want to help you understand what you need to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

Find a good mentor

To learn affiliate marketing basics, the most important step is probably to find and follow a good mentor.

I know, it may seem like trivial advice. It is the basis of your success. Many Affiliate Marketers rely on DIY to learn. Seeing no results within a few months, they give up and start arguing that affiliate marketing isn’t working.

True, in this world it is full of businessmen and people with poor professional ethics. Precisely for this reason, my invitation is to rely on a mentor you can trust. Before purchasing any program or training, it is a good rule to read up. I advise you to search on the various channels at your disposal, as much information as you can gather about your mentor.
There will be supporters who have a vested interest in making you invest in a given program, there will be neutral reviewers, and ultimately there will be detractors who have had a bad experience.

My advice is to listen to all opinions, but only give credit to the second and third category.

It is natural that if I wanted to sell you a product I would speak well of it, praising any quality and at the same time minimizing any defects.

It is also important to keep in mind that many people talk about someone they don’t even know, just by hearsay. The question to ask is: “Has this person tried this service?”

Here your mentor will have to be a person with proven experience and who in the past has already helped other people to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

If you find a mentor with such characteristics, that person may be the one for you.

Don’t be afraid to invest

Let’s say you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

You can invest your time looking for free resources that are prepared for a large audience and that are not tailored to you, but rather provide an overview of the subject.

You will surely find many videos on Youtube explaining what you want to know. But is it really possible to learn through free resources?

In my opinion, it is possible, the only thing to note is that if you don’t invest money, you invest time. You will still have invested an important resource.

In addition to this, the time you invest is usually not profitable, or at least it will not yield you any immediate gain.

It will take you weeks, maybe months, or even years to get all the information you need to be successful.

In the time spent in this phase, you may not have spent money, but you will not have earned it either.

Now let’s consider the opposite hypothesis. Invest in a course or program that will teach you everything you need to create an income. Once you have completed the learning path you will be ready to put what you have learned into practice.

This way you can start earning very quickly.

In addition, training courses usually also provide a follow-up service that helps you make your efforts more efficient and earn as much money as possible.

The following is just a very optimistic example in the case of free resources and more than real in the case of paid courses.

Lear affiliate marketing basics

The choice to invest in yourself or not is entirely personal, but it is a fact that having a mentor or tutor will facilitate learning and promote rapid economic growth.

The chart itself demonstrates that for an initial investment of $ 500 it is easy to earn over $ 3000 in 10 weeks at less than $ 300 using only your strength and time.

High ticket or low ticket?

If you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, one of the first things you will hear about is High / Low Tickets. This high-sounding term actually only indicates the value of the product you are selling.

High Tickets are all those products that provide high commissions.

Low Tickets are all those products that provide low commissions.

Normally one would think that selling a high-cost product that therefore provides high commissions is more difficult than selling a cheap one. This would probably be the case in a traditional face-to-face sale. But we must always remember that we are talking about a digital market. We will probably never meet our customers personally. The people who enter our virtual shop will be represented by a name and an email address, we won’t know anything else about them. Anyone who buys a product from our store will have bought it because they wanted exactly that product, regardless of whether it is a product worth $ 10 or $ 1000.

If you sell a product that earns you $ 10 commissions each, it will take 100 Sales to collect $ 1000. If you sell a product that earns $ 1000 commission, you only need one sale.

In your opinion, is it easier to make 100 $ 10 sales or one $ 1000?

How to sell online

Imagine that you have created your beautiful online store.

You have your product and you want to sell it to as many people as possible.

The next step to learn affiliate marketing basics is to understand how bring people into your store.

Your job now is to get people to enter your store. But how?

Instead of having a physical address, your online store will have a URL address. Now the question is, how do we get potential customers into our store?

There are several methods: the first is to rely on organic traffic through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This method consists of modeling your site in such a way that search engines put it among the top search results for specific keywords. In our case, the keyword should be the one that users interested in the product or service we sell will look for.

The second method is to use paid advertising through various platforms.
I do not recommend this method, because it is expensive and not very effective if you don’t know exactly how to develop the campaigns.

The third method is to use direct traffic, or by providing potential customers with the URL address of our site directly.

Organic traffic

As mentioned earlier this type of traffic is provided by search engines. Relying on this type of traffic isn’t easy at all, especially if you’re learning the basics of affiliate marketing and this is your first online selling experience.

You must know that search engines take months, if not years, before trusting a domain. So if you choose to rely on this method, I would like to inform you that although this is the cheapest, it is also the most time-consuming.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to explain in a few lines what are the rules for making your site appear among the first results of natural search, but I can give you some advice:

  • Choose keywords with the lowest competition;
  • Often use the keywords chosen within the pages linked to them;
  • Insert links to authoritative sites;
  • Provide useful information for users, so that they spend as much time as possible on your site.

Paid advertising

The various search engines as well as the most famous social media offer a service to advertise your business.

I won’t go into this topic because we’re here to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and this topic in my opinion is suitable for more advanced users.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t recommend investing in paid advertising if you don’t know how to manage an advertising campaign.

If you were to invest in advertising, you must know how to plan the campaign in detail, otherwise, you would only risk wasting your money.

An advertising campaign can be very effective if well structured, but it can also be a huge waste of money if you don’t know how to manage it. Consider that the cost per click starts at $ 0.05 and can exceed $ 5. This translates into a cost of between $ 5 and $ 500 per 100 clicks. It all depends on the conversion rate and the value of the product you are trying to sell.

My advice is not to invest in advertising before you have started making a real profit from your business. At most, you can, after learning how to set up an advertising campaign, reinvest part of your earnings to increase the number of potential customers.

Direct traffic

This method is essentially free. The promotion of your product happens directly, as you would if you were distributing flyers.

Similarly, direct traffic allows you to let people who click directly on the link you provide access to your online store.

This method can be used in Facebook groups, in promotional campaigns by sending emails, or in a variety of other ways.

In my opinion, this method is the one that has the highest conversion rate. In fact, direct contact with the potential customer favors communication and allows you a more human relationship.

The potential customer will in fact have the opportunity to interact with you and ask questions. All of this creates a conversion advantage over previous methods.

Methods to make money quickly

I know, when you see a video where people are claiming to have made thousands of dollars in a few days, your mouth is watering.

Who wouldn’t want to earn a month’s salary in a few days?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but anyone who promises to make you a lot of money in a short time is almost certainly lying to you.

In this post, we talk about how to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, not how to get rich quick.

There are probably methods that work, but from experience, if you want to earn a lot, at least you have to work hard at first.

An example of these methods is Wesley Virgin’s Done For You Service program. I advise you to read my article if you want to understand why avoid this product.

Online, here and there are offered many opportunities for “automatic” income without effort.

Usually, when faced with these offers, I wonder what need does a person who earns thousands of dollars a day have to work to make me earn?

I think it makes no sense, or maybe it does if the first to earn is the person who offers me this service.

Having the right mindset

If you want to be successful in any area of ​​life, your mindset is essential.

In this case, we want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, but this advice is useful in whatever you want to do in life.

Taking on a challenge with the right mindset will help your success.

Speaking of Affiliate Marketing, many see it more as a hobby than a profession, and this is a big mistake.

If you are an employee and are entering affiliate marketing for the first time, chances are you just try. You would love to profit from this business, but if you didn’t earn anything, then you wouldn’t even lose anything but a little time.

But what would you do if instead, you thought that this is your job and with what you earn you have to feed your family?

Here, this is the right spirit to be successful.

Your motivation will push you beyond any difficulty and you will be able to earn even more than you expect.

Imagine the satisfaction that success in this business could give you.

True, many people have failed and earned nothing with affiliate marketing. But at the same time, there are people who have gone from a minimum wage to earning their monthly wage in one day.

In my opinion, it was their mindset and motivation that made the difference rather than talent.

Recommended programs

I don’t consider myself an Affiliate marketing expert, but I think I’ve long since passed the stage of learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

In the time spent in the learning phase, I got to know and try various programs.

Among them, some have proved to be extremely valid, while others, on the contrary, have not at all satisfied me.

To begin with, linking to the previous paragraph I suggest the Overnight Millionaire program, which I reviewed in the following article:


It is a program that allows you to develop the right mindset to attract wealth into your life. Believe it or not, I bought and tried it myself, and after months, I can confirm its validity.

You can download it from the following link:

Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks

At the beginning of the article, I was talking about finding a good mentor. Going around the net there are many, including:

  • Grant Cardone
  • Dan Lok
  • Wesley Virgin
  • Dave Sharpe

As you would expect, being world-renowned, those just mentioned will hardly be able to follow you personally.

My luck was to meet my mentor almost by chance.

He has created a program consisting of a 2-day Workshop held directly by him, in which you can learn all the basics of affiliate marketing and make money online.

In addition to the Workshop which has already had immense value for me. He created a program where you make money while you learn.

I was skeptical at first, but within the first week of finishing the Workshop, I have already started earning several hundred dollars. All users are having excellent results, and for this reason, since my mentor personally follows his students, this course is limited to a few people and access is by invitation only.

If you want more information about the course, I invite you to contact me directly via Facebook, here is the link to my personal page:


Here below you can see some screenshots about the results obtained by some students.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics



I invite you not to hesitate and ask questions about this article in the comments.

It is a great pleasure for me to answer your questions and exchange views.

If you liked this article, share it via social media through the appropriate buttons below.

I hope this information will be useful to you in case you want to take up an online business.

I wish you a wonderful day,

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  1. Hi Andrea, this is what I was looking for since months. What a remarkable content you gave us! Can you share with me some good ways to improve the SEO in my website please? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Max, I’m happy that you appreciated my article.
      If you use WordPress for your blog, there are many plugins that can help you. My favorite is YOAST SEO.

      Take care,

  2. Hi, Andrea
    Thank you for this helpful post on learning affiliate marketing basics.

    This is the kind of post I really looking for and I agree. Having a good mentor and a the right mindset is very important if we want to be successful in this industry.

    And yes, everyone can praise a product quality and benefits just to make a few bucks from our purchase and not care about our success.

    But truth is, it is difficult to know who will be a good mentor for you if you don’t know personally that person though.
    Or do you have an idea how to finding a good mentor ?

    And to finish which tools do I need to start my affiliate marketing business as a beginner and which platform (s) do you recommend ?

    Thanks and looking forward your help.

    1. Hi Sebastian,
      You are right, it’s never easy to find a good mentor, especially without knowing him or her.
      I think that the best way is to check the mentor’s results with other people first and then you need to understand whether his/her style is compatible with your personality. About the tool that you can use to start affiliate marketing as a beginner, I wrote a post some months ago about it.
      Here is the link: POST.
      Take care,

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