Legendary Marketer – scam or legit?

Legendary Marketer – scam or legit?

Legendary Marketer – scam or legit?

Today we are going to talk about a website that I found almost by mistake.

It immediately captured my attention and after checking it for a while I decided to try it and write a review about it.

After trying more than one program I can immediately recognize quite quickly the quality of a program, keep reading this review to learn more about it.

The main question is: Is Legendary Marketer legit or is it a scam?

Here below you can read about my experience with this service, and what I recognized after trying it.

Now, my purpose is to make you aware of what you are going to get if you decide to purchase the subscription.

I want to help you to understand whether you are going to waste your money or to invest it in a program that is really worth it.

First impressions

The homepage looks good, it is minimalist but well structured.

Legendary Marketer scam or legitThe first thing in evidence is the motto: “Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity”.

Just below you can see a video that presents the CEO and founder of Legendary Marketer: David Sharpe.

He, like Wesley Virgin, for example, talks about himself and his weaknesses. He does not hide an unpleasant past or even the fact of having had addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Unlike Wesley Virgin, however, he does not have exorbitant “overnight” earnings, but in the same way, David also appeared on Forbes.

Personally, I like his more discreet and modest style, above all because he does not promise to make any person a millionaire in a few days, but provides the means to create a successful business.

The concept behind the whole course is the following:

if you can sell a lower value product online, then with the same effort you can sell a higher value product, obtaining greater benefits.

During the first lessons, some useful strategies are also explained to increase conversions, and consequently, earn more money from your business.

I suggest you read on to find out if Legendary Marketer is a scam or legit.


The offer

Personally, I like the idea of ​​participating in competitions, in this case, we are talking about a 15-day challenge.

15 days in which we will be taught useful notions to create a successful business.

In the light of my experiences I can say with certainty that the concepts are explained in a very exhaustive way, but at the same time in such a way as to be understood even by those who approach this world for the first time.

In addition to the training which in itself is really valid, after the purchase you are assigned to an advisor, who, at no additional cost, will help us plan our business.

The fact of dealing with real people, ready to help us and to answer all our questions is certainly an added value to the already high value of the offer.

At this point, I think you’ve already gotten an idea that Legendary Marketer is a scam or Legit, but before coming to conclusions I suggest you read the article all the way.

It is also possible to apply for affiliate programs.

A basic package is available, which is totally free but gives access to commissions ranging from 5% to 30%.

Alternatively, you can opt for the PRO package which costs $ 29.95 per month. The advantages are that commissions of between 20% and 60% can be obtained.

Below is the comparative table.

Legendary Marketer Scam or Legit


  • The idea of ​​structuring the course as a 15-day challenge is very motivating;
  • The price of just $ 7 to access 15 days of training is certainly tempting;
  • The training material is certainly well done and easy to understand;
  • It is possible to request the assistance of real people at no additional cost.


  • When the initial enthusiasm disappears, many people give up because the results are slow in coming.
  • There are several subscription services that are practically necessary to be successful in a short time.


The network is populating with offers similar to this.

Wesley Virgin with his Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks is an example. As I have already amply described in my article:

Is Wesley Virgin a Scam? My review.

Wesley focuses solely on the meditative, and psychological aspects that helped him become a millionaire.

Legendary Marketer on the contrary is more focused on training.

A product that in my opinion is more compatible with Legendary Marketer by type is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can find further information in my article:

Invest money – Make money.

In my humble opinion, the latter is more structured and more complete.

In addition, it counts on a lively community of one and a half million people.

The interesting thing is that the registration to Wealthy Affiliate is totally free and the premium services for the first month are offered at a price of only $ 19.

Certainly, the initial $ 7 investment for Legendary Marketer makes it accessible to practically anyone. In my opinion, for such an amount, it is better to give it a chance, since it is a one-off payment and not a recurring one.


Here we go, it’s time to find out if Legendary Marketer is a Scam or Legit.

In my opinion, there are no grounds for considering Legendary Marketer a scam.

Like most services of this type, there is a serious company behind the site and the courses offered.

It is quite normal that there will be dissatisfied people because after purchasing the service, they probably expect that the investment of $ 7 alone will earn them thousands of dollars without the least effort.

We are talking about a course, so in addition to the payment, a certain commitment and constant perseverance are required before the results arrive.

Without action, it is certainly not possible to obtain any benefit.

I hope that this review helped you understanding whether Legendary Marketer can be good for you.

I kindly invite you to share it with your friends, so they can also get further information about it.

Have a great day,


2 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer – scam or legit?

  1. Hi, Andrea
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Legendary Marketers training.

    I hear about this program a while ago and just wondering what training it delivers.
    I love the idea of marketing high ticket products. Though it is the best way to reaching our financial goal.

    And I agree with his concept. It requires the same energy. And it’s best to concentrate your energy on something really profitable.

    I really want to know what kind of training is being offered and what kind of traffic is being taught.
    Looking for your answer.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Actually, I’m still checking it. According to my findings, it is a turnkey (done for you) service.
      The first 5 days of the challenge are giving consistent information, but starting from the fifth day, everything changed.
      From the fifth day, they start to offer their “blueprint”.
      They guarantee that their “blueprint” will make users earn money within a few days, but it is really expensive.
      We are talking about 2500 to 9500 USD for the service.
      I would rather say that 2500 USD is a bit too much to make people start an online business.

      Have a great day,

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