Livesotori 2-day live workshop – Review

Livesotori 2-day live workshop – Review

Livesotori 2-day live workshop – Review

After hearing the name Junior Anthony for several weeks, I manifested the golden opportunity to interview a few of his students before briefly having a moment with the man behind the plan.

But first of all, let me tell you why I’m writing about Junior Anthony.

After joining Wesley Virgin’s Done For you Service I met with another italian guy with whom we became friends.

After a few weeks he told me about a program he joined. I already heard about that but the first time when I heard about it I was very skeptical and I simply ignored it. After spending some minutes talking with my new friend, I recognized that that program was really the one that could have helped me to learn all I need to know about affiliate marketing.

Overthinking has never been my strong point, so after a few days I joined Livesotori.

As you can understand this review about Livesotori 2-day live wokshop will be very accurate and I’ll go deep in details.

I spent many hours writing this review, but it is really worth it.

If you heard about livesotori and you want an objective opinion go on reading this article.

Who the Heck is Junior Anthony (And Why Should You Bother Listening to Him)?

Junior Anthony Who is Junior Anthony and why should you listen to him?

Well, for one, he’s scaled several new online businesses to over 6-figures.

I know what you’re thinking – other online coaches have had the same results, right?

Sure, but most of them didn’t come from a place where Junior came from – living on the streets. And most of them are theorists.

Junior has lived everything he teaches.

He’s one of the few authentic leaders who’s living their message. Few can brag about having successfully gone from broke and homeless to leading a tribe of 6-figure entrepreneurs.


How Socorro transformed her life

“Burnt out on the standard, worn out, I need more”

29-year-old single parent, Socorro Rodríguez wound up at a go across streets in her day to day existence. In 2019 She was at a point where she was being straightforward with herself about would could it be that she truly desired?

She abhorred her work, she was relinquishing companions that not, at this point carried any an incentive to her. Everything was evolving! She was evolving. She generally knew there was more to life than simply awakening and getting things done without importance. The majority of the individuals Socorro encircle herself with, needed inspiration, motivation above all PASSION!

One day she just chose to simply at long last wake up with reason! She was resolved to change her life each day in turn. Socorro initially began with changing her circumstance with her work! She needed her own online business! Something that will advertise her as a developing person.

Socorro never was an individual who preferred working with countless strategies and guidelines. So the 9-5 was trying for her since she was not made for it. She generally was searching for approaches to bring in cash. Hustling various items searching for her specialty! Spending more than 2,000$!

After a year, while online she went over Livesotori. A mentorship program by promoting virtuoso Junior Anthony. Junior offered her the occasion to in a real sense take her from poverty to newfound wealth just by learning bit by bit online associate showcasing! She was quickly snared and prepared for an incredible ride! Junior Anthony caused a guarantee to help individuals to turn into their own managers by showing them how to function shrewd, not hard. The PC way of life where you can have your opportunity and where work doesn’t feel like your working since it’s your PASSION. Socorro, at last, found what she had consistently been looking for.

With Livesotori 2-day live workshop, Socorro had the option to transform her, lastly be monetarily autonomous.

So can you !

Cory’s and Lola’s rollercoaster experience to livesotori

Cory & Lola have always had a rollercoaster experience with mostly if not all areas of their life since they met.

From Cory flying down to London to propose after just 3 weeks of meeting on a dating site, to getting married in 2 months, moving to NC. then back to the UK within 8 days of Lola landing her dream IT job in the UK.

Life has been nothing but filled with adrenaline rush for them.

After moving to the UK in 2018 and realizing that there is no such thing as JOB SECURITY, Cory & Lola began their quest to find other ways to bring in money into their home. The plan was that Cory would continue to work while Lola would seek out opportunities.

Failed attempt, after failed attempt, spending over $25,000 on programs that didn’t work as fate would have it a pandemic hits the world. Luckily by chance they came across Junior Anthony and the LiveSotori family and from there, Lola and then Cory were able to take Livesotori 2-Day Live Workshop.

Lola started two weeks before Cory, he had noticed a few nights in a row that she was not in their bed but at the computer interacting with her newfound Sotorian family.

After realising that there were so many ways to accumulate wealth online through Anthony’s mentorship program, he too jumped in was ready to hit the ground running.

The Pugh’s have gone from 0 money made online to endless possibilities. Parting words, “We are so happy we chose the remote life of luxury and enjoying life as part of the LiveSotori Family.

Sofia journey from over $1000 loss to $5000 profit in 6 weeksLivesotori 2-day live workshop - Review

“Live Sotori has literally been a real life changer” Says Sofia.

After a very difficult start to 2020 with the break down of her marriage and the pandemic hitting.”It has given me focus, drive, the mindset, and determination to succeed.

Junior Anthony has been a true inspiration a genuine young man with the integrity that many people lack in this world. Livesotori 2-day live workshop has given me the tools and knowledge to develop my new online business.

His vision to want to help people across the world to better their lives and give them the financial security they long for is a reality.

I will forever be grateful to him and the live Sotori online family who are my rock for helping me to find my road paved with GOLD…and look forward to a stress-FREE life filled with peace and contentment.


Believe in the process and you will be unstoppable.


Diamond – How to ditch your 9-to-5 grind and join the Sotorians

Here is how Diamond took her first steps in ditching her 9 to 5 job and joined the Sotorians.

Her goal in life was to work for herself because jobs always felt temporary to her. She said, “enough was enough”. Shortly after, Junior Anthony presented an opportunity for her to be able to quit that 9 to 5.

He then became her mentor. Diamond utilized Livesotori 2-Day Live Workshop methods and made her first $600 sale.

“I’m very grateful because I’ve never made money online… He broke it down so simply.”

Diamond then resigned from the corporate retail world two weeks later, she felt relieved.

She always envisioned making a source of income from home and she found a way to do so. All she wanted to do was improve her skills, never give up, and help others make a change. She knew at this very moment it was finally here; the universe led her right to Junior.

His 2-Day Live Workshop and Earn While You Learn community saved her life. It allowed her to take back her self-worth and earn money as she masters a skill that no one can take away from her.

“I realized I can never go back to work for anyone else. I love being in control of my own destiny, choosing who I work with, and surrounding myself with wonderful like-minded people who have the same drive as me.”

Being able to contribute to something larger than herself is another motivator. She gets to solve problems by bringing products and services to the world that people need and appreciate.

“If I wasn’t constantly improving myself, I wouldn’t be able to help others.”

Diamond is forever grateful to be on this successful journey.

“I can truly say I manifested him into my life and he can do the same for you.”


Lual’s life changed in only 2 days

Since 2018, he has involved himself in the online business, “eCommerce;” you will think I should know it all by now?

He would be wrong if he agrees with the statement. He was not satisfied with e-commerce, so he decided to purchase “Overnight Millionaire by Wesley Virgin.” He was very thrilled to be in this program; within a couple of days, the program was not functioning as he imagines.

Dual have decided to buy another program that works within this particular platform, “Done For You Services” (DFYS).

Mr. Lual thought he had found something that he may work with; after three months of setting up his google ads, the account has suspended. He contacted a developer, but the only thing the developer can respond to him was, “check your address make sure everything is correct,” come to find out, google only need a verification due to the get rich quick scheme. He ran his ads for approximately thirty days; Dual found himself spending over a thousand dollars. The help was not there;

He struggled for a month, and he got kicked out when requesting assistance.

Thank God, there are plenty of people in this world who want nothing but to help him succeed. After a couple of days of wondering, what has just happened, he has invited to join the Livesotori family members’ zoom call; He did not have it, another guru that may not help him. At this point, he was frightened, but his inner voice, was: “do not be afraid to connect with others, what can go wrong? Take a peek, and if it is not what you imagined, then you may leave.”

There were approximately forty-seven people in the zoom call; as he glances on the screen, he saw magical, so much happiness on everyone’s faces. At that moment, he was sure he is at home. He has made his mind; this what Dual was searching for in his entire online marketing.

The above was not all, Livesotori 2-DAY LIVE WORKSHOP, it was remarkable, in two days, He has acquired more combine in two years, and on top of that, Mr. Lual met one of the fantastic, down to earth individuals (Junior Anthony aka The Black Shark).

A man with a more significant vision, a man with a golden heart, and one Dual call a friend.

How Sarah found her way out of the corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle

Sarah has always been seeking a way out of the corporate 9 to 5 lifestyle since she graduated high school many years ago.

For many months she signed up for multiple programs in hopes to learn how to start something online. Little did she know, the online world runs a completely different system than the traditional business world does.

Working in an Optometry clinic sounds amazing in the healthcare field, but not everywhere you go pays what you expect. “It is a good job,” she often tells her peers, but sadly the truth is, it was not enough to pay her bills with just a minimum wage especially when the pandemic arrived.

The pandemic forced many others as well as Sarah to pause or quit their jobs leaving them financially astray. Struggle to make ends meet and let alone to achieve her dreams. Sarah turned to the online world with a “leap of faith”. Months past but no triumph to creating any results that she wanted, until she met a business owner in the team who calls themselves “Sotorians” had reached out to offer a hand.

“I was very desperate for a change in my life. I was ready to do what it takes to invest in myself and my success” says Sarah.
Without any hesitation, Sarah took the suggestion to take Livesotori 2-Day Live Workshop and signed up for the exclusive monthly training with the mentor, Junior Anthony.

She literally followed the steps Junior was teaching and applied it. That simple! What a good student would do…as long as it’s ethical. Things started to blossom for her.

“Previously, in the other groups I had joined, I was very confused. I ended up being overwhelmed.”

As Sarah stated, “I didn’t get the help I needed. I didn’t get the support I needed. It was more like a business transaction, once you get the program, here are the videos. There you go,” many of the videos were outdated.

The value from this group has transformed Sarah from within. You simply cannot change your life without supporting and helping others around you.

LiveSotori has truly transformed me and continued to develop me. I never thought I’ll be able to do anything online before. But with such an amazing supportive group and a humble teacher like Junior Anthony, it made a lot of things possible for me and it wasn’t just about the money. This is such a safe circle to be in because no matter what is happening, they are always here to uplift you, kick you back up and love you unconditionally just exactly what a true family would be…. The value that this has given me, is so inexpressible. It’s life-changing.”

Sarah said passionately.


Livesotori 2-day live workshop - Review

Trust matters to Junior.

That’s why he got into the online marketing arena in the first place. Working in construction, Junior had been injured and forced to stay at home for months before returning to the job site to learn that his former bosses now considered him a liability and refused to let him go back to work.

Down to his last few dollars, he wandered the streets calling businesses in search of his next opportunity. When that opportunity finally came he dedicated his life to helping others avoid that pain and uncertainty.

In the eastern tradition, growth comes to the individual in two ways –
through pain or through enlightenment – Kensho or satori.

Satori is that aha moment when the universe opens itself before you and reveals a brief moment of clarity. The epiphany. The click that Oscar heard when he realized this group was where he belonged.

Junior Anthony named his new company LiveSotori so that he could help others grow without pain by involving himself personally in his students’ success.

You can make $1,000 a day, you can make $10,000 a day. You just
have to know exactly what to do
” says Junior.
“And I’m going to show you how to do it.”
“If you don’t know how to do Facebook ads, I’m going to show you
how to do it. If you don’t know how to build a landing page, I’m going to
show you how to do it. If you don’t know how to get a client, I’m going to
show you how to do it.”

“I want everyone who joins me to succeed”
he says. Whatever it takes.

His students, his Sotorians, his family, they are the proof. “I love working with this company,” says Britnee. She and her cosmetics company are now “making more now than ever after years of trying online.”


Sotorian Pere pedals his bike along the beach, laptop on his back, making money as he enjoys the sunshine.

“If you spend two hours a day on Instagram, TikTok, or whatever, you have the capability and the skills to make an income online,” says Pere. “You’ve got the skills to pay the bills.”

As he rides, Pere hears the familiar cha ching ching notification from his phone. “I just made a thousand dollars,” he says. “Riding my bike.” And he sings a little song. “If you see Pere Okote Briggs riding or running. Hundred dollar bills be chasing me… all over the internet.” Then he laughs.

The laugh of a contented man to whom the universe has revealed a secret.“I don’t chase money anymore.” he laughs. Money chases me. Believe that!

If you would like to learn more about Junior Anthony, the LiveSotori family and their next two-day workshop, visit

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