The best personal fitness tracker

The best personal fitness tracker

The best personal fitness tracker

For several years, the major manufacturers of electronic devices have started to produce nicknamed “wearable” devices.

From Apple to Samsung, from Huawei to Xiaomi, there is something for all tastes.

In this article, I want to share my experience with you on some of these devices.

As I usually do, I don’t write about products that I haven’t personally tried.

If you do not find the one of your interest among the products described, it is only because I have not had the pleasure or opportunity to try it.

I am very passionate about the topic and it is with great pleasure that I share my experience with these products with you.

If you want to know more about which product was the most pleasant to me, continue reading this review.

You are about to find out which, in my humble personal opinion, is the best fitness tracker.

1. Apple watch

The best personal fitness tracker

Although this product is more than just a fitness tracker, it was the first wearable device that I have ever tried.

The series I purchased was the second, in the Nike version. So we are not talking about a particularly recent device.

In my opinion, Apple is not very generous in adding new functionality when it releases a new product, the substantial difference between the first and second series is represented by the impermeability of the product up to 5 ATM.

As usual, hardware updates are improvements related to the processor’s computing power.

The real leap in quality was made between the third and fourth edition, with a slightly revisited design. Some new patents have been introduced. From the fourth series, Apple Watch can detect any cardiac arrhythmias and is said to have saved lives in some cases, notifying the owner of the symptoms of a heart attack before he knew it.

Currently, from the official Apple website, only the third series and fifth series are on the market.

Production quality:

We are talking about Apple, the quality of the materials is out of the question. From the rubber of the strap to the metal of the case to the assembly, I found no flaws.

I have used this device daily every day for 3 years, both when doing sports and during normal daily activities.

After 3 years from the purchase, everything still works as if the device was new.


As mentioned above, we are talking about Apple, as the quality is also the price from Apple. In my case, if I remember correctly, the price was around 500 Euros.


  • As already indicated, the construction quality is impeccable and the materials used are up to the mark.
  • Synchronized with your iPhone, the connection is stable and the data is fairly accurate.
  • The 4th Series and the 5th Series have a new function that can notify heart attacks in advance.


  • The battery lasts up to a maximum of 2 days, very little if we compare it with direct competitors, also belonging to lower categories.
  • Bound to the Apple ecosystem, if you don’t own an iPhone, it is an expensive as well as a useless fashion accessory.
  • With the release of the new WatchOS, the system becomes slower and slower, until it becomes almost unusable after 3 years.


Although the quality is excellent, the price is too high. If what you need is a device that measures your heart rate during physical activity, buying an Apple Watch would be equivalent to buying a Lamborghini to go shopping.

I wouldn’t recommend to buy an Apple Watch if your purpose is to measure how many calories you burn during a workout.

It is definitively a very good smartwatch, but for sure we shouldn’t consider it as the best personal fitness tracker.


2. Huawei Band 4 / Honor Band 5

The best personal fitness trackerThe best personal fitness tracker

I put these 2 products together because behind the aspect that differentiates them, the functionality and characteristics are practically identical.

I own the Huawei Band 4 for about 6 months, while my girlfriend (who is more attentive to the aesthetic side) has the Honor Band 5.



Main common features:

  • Waterproof up to 5 ATM;
  • Long-lasting battery, the manufacturer declares a duration between 7 and 9 days depending on the functions enabled. I can confirm that in my case, the duration is certainly more than 7 days, so the data are real;
  • Heart rate monitoring;
  • Control of oxygen saturation in the blood;
  • 9 types of physical activity available (10 for Honor which also includes swimming);
  • Measurement of sleep quality.


Main differences:

  • Huawei Band 4 does not require any cable for charging, just remove the strap from the side of the button to access a convenient USB plug that can be directly inserted into any USB port.
  • Unfortunately, this feature has not been reported on the “Pro” version either.
  • Honor Band 5 on the contrary has a slightly more “vintage” charging mode with a charging base connected to a USB cable.
  • Huawei Band 4 has a display size of 0.96 “with 186 PPI resolution.
  • Honor Band 5 has a display of the size of 0.95 “with a resolution of 281 PPI, decidedly more resolute than that of Huawei.


Both models are priced under $ 30.


  • Considering the size, the battery has excellent durability;
  • Very affordable price;
  • Compatible with any Apple or Android phone, even if not very recent. (Android 4.4 or above, IOS 9.0 or above);
  • Ability to measure oxygen saturation in the blood.


  • The integrated GPS is missing, available only in the Pro version of Huawei Band 4;
  • The strap tends to wear quickly in the parts where it is subject to chafing;
  • Sometimes the fitness band disconnects from the smartphone and it is necessary to restart it to restore the connection.


We are talking about two economic range products. It is difficult to find 2 Fitness bands that boast these characteristics at such a low price.

For less than $ 30, you can wear a device that can provide you with a huge amount of information about your body.

I warmly recommend you take in consideration one of these models, because even if they have some technical limitations, they are definitively between the best personal fitness trackers.

3. Other alternatives

On the same price range of Huawei Band 4 and Honor Band 5, you can also find Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try this model, but the characteristics indicated by the manufacturer are comparable with those of the Honor and Huawei models described above.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the previous models, except for Apple Watch, are not top of the range. Therefore it is necessary to consider that their accuracy can be improved.

Among the most well-known brands, Polar, Samsung, and Fitbit offer higher quality solutions, but also the price range varies accordingly, abundantly exceeding $ 60, to even exceed $ 150 with top-of-the-range fitness bands.

Investing more money you can definitively purchase a better personal fitness tracker, but I would rather ask you: “what is the added value you would get?”.



Imagine practicing your favorite sport.

Imagine working out for an hour. You feel fatigued after training, but you don’t know how much you have worked or how many calories you have burned. You only know you’ve struggled for an hour.

Now, imagine the same scene having a Fitness Tracker on your wrist, at the end of the training session you check your smartphone and find a series of data that you could only estimate very roughly.

Well, with a fitness tracker you may have the following information on hand after each workout.

You are wondering what the value that this information can give you, isn’t it?

It is a completely personal thing, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that what they represent for me is what they represent for you too.

In my case they motivate me, and not a little, to always do better. Knowing that during the previous session I ran for 7 Km, for example, it makes me want to travel a little more during the next session.

In this way, I have an overview of my progress, and this stimulates me to always do my best to get better results. It is not a race since there are no opponents, but if you play sports you do it mainly to keep fit. Seeing that your body responds with ever better performance should stimulate you to move forward. At least that’s how it is for me.

Now, you read this post to know my opinion about the best personal fitness tracker.

Just think that after wearing an Apple Watch for many years, I bought a Huawei Band 4.

The funny thing is that I really love Huawei Band 4 because if I don’t charge it for a week, then I go to the office, and it is totally discharged, I can charge it easily. It is small and comfortable, so I can always wear it.

It may sound strange, but for my purpose, Huawei Band 4 is better than Apple Watch 2 and has more useful features.

If you are looking for a Fitness tracker with which to start measuring, I would like to suggest you Honor Band 5, of which I spoke earlier, for design and functionality it is definitely a gem.

If you want more information about the measurement of sleep quality, I wrote a post about Alpha waves meditation.

There you can find some measurements taken with my Huawei Band 4 with and without meditation.

Alpha waves meditation  – is it worth?

I’ll leave you the link below to buy it on Amazon, in case the idea tickled you.

I wish you a wonderful day,


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