The best workouts to lose belly fat

The best workouts to lose belly fat

The best workouts to lose belly fat

Depending on what your purpose is, there are workouts that can help you more or less effectively.

I’m not a qualified instructor. For this reason, I don’t want to dare technical opinions.

The main purpose of this article is to share my experiences with the various types of training I have tried.

I’ve never been an extremely sporty type, I’ve never had the much sought-after Six Pack, and as a good Italian, I’m a lover of good food.

Nonetheless, while not giving up on the delicacies of Italian cuisine, I happened to get very good results in a few months.

I am going to illustrate my personal ranking of the methods that have been the most effective for me.

Diet or training? It is better both!

I want to be objective, it is useless to deny that nutrition plays a fundamental role.

With the diet alone, however, it is not possible to lose high quantities of fat mass in a short time.

You may not know, but one kilogram of fat has a calorific value of around 7800 kilocalories.

It means that the loss of 6 kilograms of fat in a month requires an overall caloric reduction of 46800 calories compared to what is necessary, i.e. 1500 calories less per day.

Considering that a sedentary middle-aged woman has a daily calorie requirement of around 1500-1600 calories, to lose 6 kilograms of fat in a month she should only consume 50-100 calories per day for 31 days.

For example:

  • 12 boiled or steamed shrimp have a calorie intake of 60 calories;
  • 20 g of whole wheat bread is worth 56 calories;
  • 120 g of popcorn contains 88 calories;
  • 100 g of Tofu contains 80 calories.
the best workouts to lose belly fat

You will agree with me in saying that it is not possible to lose weight by eating so little without affecting your health.

So I invite you to doubt those who try to sell you miracle pills that promise to make you lose 1 kg or more per week.

Training is the only tool that combined with a balanced low-calorie diet can give you sustainable results.

In this regard, I recommend that you take a look at my articles on the Ketogenic Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.


TRX (Suspension Training)

The best workouts to lose belly fat

When I moved to Budapest I looked for a gym where there were classes where the trainer spoke English.

I didn’t know exactly what the TRX was, but I decided to try it.

A 50-minute lesson burns about 450 calories. In the beginning, it was very hard !!!

I really liked the music chosen by the instructor and I loved that little competition that created when working in teams.

When I started I did not imagine that a workout in which you only use your body weight could be so heavy.

If you think about it, lifting your own weight is something natural, your muscles and your skeleton are specially made. So developing them on your weight is definitely something natural.

In about a year I lost 8 kg, and I have to say that a few times I felt so fit.

Given my results, I couldn’t have omitted the TRX from the best workouts to lose belly fat.


  • The equipment needed to practice TRX is easy to find and inexpensive.
  • It can be done at home or in the park, just have a place to hang the equipment.
  • There are exercises to work on each muscle.
  • The risk of injury is low.


  • If practiced alone it is not easy to understand if the exercises are done well.
  • It is not suitable for those who have not trained for a long time.


Being a fighting sport, boxing is considered a violent sport.

I started practicing boxing when my younger brother, against the advice of our father, wanted to try this sport. To reassure our father, I decided to accompany him to “keep an eye on him”.

I ended up practicing boxing on a non-competitive level for 3 years.

I started in early February, I weighed 81 kg. There were 4-5 workouts a week, and I went there after work (at the time I worked on the assembly line in the factory).

Each workout lasted about 90 minutes. At the end of May, I weighed 74 kg and my body was very muscular.

This is probably the sport that gave me the fastest results, so it isn’t a coincidence if I mentioned Boxe between the best workouts to lose belly fat.

Also in this case, as in the case of the TRX, dumbbells were not used, since the use of weights leads to the development of “slow” muscle mass, while in boxing, it is the speed that counts more than strength.

Contrary to myths and clichés, I never broke my nose during training or meetings, and the same goes for my brother.

If I had to find a fault in boxing, it would be the one dependent on the fact that each of us prefers to use his own right or left side, here in boxing, if you do not practice guard changes, you risk an asymmetrical development of the muscles.


  • It is a sport suitable for everyone;
  • You can practice it anywhere, even in limited spaces.


  • Being a contact sport, you should use protection such as helmet, gloves, etc;
  • If you do not practice-changing the guard and tend to use one side of the body mainly, it is possible to develop one side more than the other.


Everybody knows that swimming is one of the healthiest sports.

While swimming, you contract many muscles at the same time.

The work is very intense, especially in the abdominal area.

This sport enters right among the best workouts to lose belly fat.

Resistance to movement in water ensures that muscles develop harmoniously.

In addition to this, you need to carefully check your breathing to avoid drawing water.

With swimming, therefore, an improvement in lung capacity is combined with the harmonious development of the muscles.

The most positive aspect of swimming consists in the fact that it is suitable for everyone, even for those people who have motor problems that limit their possibilities.


  • Almost zero probability of injury;
  • Harmonious muscle development;
  • It teaches the control and synchronization of movement with the breath.


  • It is not suitable for those who love water and water sports;
  • The smell of chlorine present in swimming pools tends to persist even after a shower.


Crossfit is a HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workout.

Have you ever seen a CrossFit athlete showing belly fat? Well, I’ve never seen it.

This workout is definitively very good to lose belly fat.

Unlike the activities previously mentioned, I have not practiced CrossFit for periods longer than a few months.

This depends on the fact that I practiced it in the period in which I mainly practiced TRX.

When for some reason I couldn’t go to TRX classes, I diverted on Crossfit.

Like TRX, Crossfit is also a functional training, but in this case, you could use dumbbells as well.

In my experience, these are circuit training sessions, in which various exercises alternate in rapid sequence.

For example, you can have 5 uninterrupted minutes of exercises of 30 seconds each, then short breaks to recover follow.

It is a very effective workout. In my opinion, it is more focused on muscle strengthening than TRX.


  • Extremely effective workout to change body composition;
  • After training, the increase in basal metabolic rate persists for a long time;
  • Extremely varied training.


  • Unsuitable for beginners;
  • Not recommended unless followed by a professional trainer;
  • High probability of skeletal muscle injuries.


As I mentioned in the pros and cons at the end of each chapter, each of the activities described has characteristics that can make it more or less suitable for each individual.

If I had to choose which sport to practice, I would probably choose TRX.

Having practiced it for some time, I know many exercises, so I can easily create a personalized training routine.

It is a type of activity that everybody can be practice outdoors during the warmer seasons, both alone and with other people.

In case you want an effective and well-made course to start doing TRX I recommend the following:

>>>TRX video lessons<<<


To your success,


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