The Keto Shortcut System – Review

The Keto Shortcut System – Review

The Keto Shortcut System – Review

Over the past few months, we have already looked into this diet.

Keto diet means “diet that produces ketone bodies” (a metabolic residue of energy production).

In case you missed that article I invite you to read it:


There you can find further details about how the Keto diet works.

In this article, we are going to analyze a new program that promises amazing results.

As usual, in these cases, it is my concern to analyze if the reported data can be real, and if the product offered really does what it promises.

Keep reading this article if you are curious to find out my review of The Keto Shortcut System.



The Keto Shortcut System Review

In recent years, the ketogenic diet has been enjoying tremendous success.

In this program in particular the focus is on three elements:

In addition to all this, the author provides a timetable to make sure that the program can be followed more easily.

The suggested dishes look very tasty, but we don’t actually know whether they are really present in the purchased product.

The premises are good, it seems that the author wanted to deepen the subject in order to provide a product as complete as possible.

  1. The calculation of macronutrients,
  2. Knowing what to eat,
  3. The variety.

These three points are usually the critical ones for any type of diet.

Being able to simplify the calculation of macronutrients in an effective way, give concrete ideas on what to eat at every occasion, and above all by making the diet varied, it is certainly easier than those who follow a certain diet can have satisfactory results.


Who is the author?

The Keto Shortcut System ReviewOn the website, I didn’t find any information about the author.

I suppose she is a woman called Jess who somehow made this method.

This isn’t something negative, but talking about health and diet, I would prefer to know who is the person to whom I’m giving my trust.

The available information about Jess is almost null. In my opinion, this leak of information about the author is something that must be kept into consideration while choosing the product that we are going to purchase.

Relying on a doctor, especially in the case of nutrition is very important. In this case, however, we do not know who we are relying on. It could be a doctor or an improvised dietician.

In The Keto Shortcut System review, this cannot be considered as a positive point.



The Keto Shortcut System we are talking about in this review is a ready-to-use program.

In a few minutes after the purchase, indeed you should receive all the files.

The product is a digital purchase, so you should receive an email containing all the recipes and the program details.

When I saw it for the first time, I was a bit confused. I had many questions in my mind.

I mean, I don’t know if you have ever met a dietologist, but actually, he would ask a blood test, and he would need to examine your health. The diet program should usually be personal. No exceptions. That’s why a diet may work for me but maybe totally useless for somebody else.

Everybody is a different individual who has a different situation and different needs.

Now, how can we think that a male or a female can use the same diet, same quantities, and so on?

Furthermore, I usually don’t believe in 30-days programs that promise somebody to change our life.

As you may have heard, a quick diet can give quick results, but the results usually are very unstable, so you may risk to return to your initial weight as soon as you got the result.


The author offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.

This is a must in the case of digital products. It means that the author really believes in what she did.

At the same time, without this guarantee, the product would be much more difficult to sell online. In short, providing this guarantee is an obligatory choice for the author.



The product estimated value is $ 278, but everybody can purchase it for only $ 47.

Checking the average price for Keto Diet programs it is in line with it.

The price doesn’t affect negatively The Keto Shortcut System review.


  • The author states that the offered diet is OK for everybody;
  • No upsells;
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • No subscription, only one-time payment needed.


  • No information about the author;
  • A standard program is provided to everybody, no customization available;
  • No testimonials.


I’m not a nutrition expert, but I think that a complete stranger who goes by the name of Jess might know as much as I do about diets (not enough to sell a dietary program).

In my opinion, this product could give the desired results only in a few lucky cases. In fact, contrary to what the author claims, I don’t think it is possible to create a single generic program that can give the same results to a 65-year-old woman who wants to lose 10 kg, or to a 25-year-old boy who regularly practices sports.

I could be wrong, but beyond that, I am very puzzled that this diet does not take into account any tastes of a potential buyer.

Although I haven’t personally tried this product, I don’t feel like recommending it.

I’m not saying this is a scam, but diet programs that promise quick and easy-to-achieve results are usually not reliable and leverage the desire to feel comfortable in your body.

If you really want a safe method to lose weight while maintaining health, the advice is to contact a professional dietician and maybe even a qualified personal trainer who can prepare a training program tailored to you.

Before starting a diet like this, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor, who can assess whether your health condition cannot be compromised by this diet.

Please keep in mind that the Keto diet also has side effects, so it’s recommended to avoid DIY diets like this.

According to my analysis, I can’t consider The Keto Shortcut System as a highly recommended product, my review showed many improvement points, indeed.

Have a great day,


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