The Mystery Method Review

The Mystery Method Review

The Mystery Method Review

If seduction books are what you like to read, you probably heard about this title.

I read it around 10 years ago, but it was originally published in 2005.

Even if it could sound strange I think that both men and women should read it. It is written for men who want to improve their seduction skills, but I think that it gives a very accurate idea about how seduction works from both sides.

I don’t believe that seduction techniques are a tricky way to make a woman do what the man wants. In my opinion, they are a way to make communication between men and women more effectively.

Unfortunately, nobody teaches us how we should act to get the perfect partner, we have to learn it on our own.

Some people are naturally skilled and can easily find a partner, but some others find it very difficult.

In this post, I’m going to give you some useful information about seduction.

You are going to read The Mystery Method Review.


Who is Mystery?

Mystery’s real name is Erik von Markovik. He is a Canadian Magician. He became famous after writing The Mystery Method: the book we are going to review hereby.

Mystery states that he discovered his talent late, indeed before being 30 years old he wasn’t successful with women.

The creation of the Mystery Method began with the observation and practice of seduction methods in nightclubs.
To these were added some notions of Evolutionary Psychology.

His first pupil was Neill Strauss, also known as Style. He later became his wingman.

Neill Strauss himself later wrote a book called The Game, in which he recounts the experiences lived in the clubs by putting into practice the teachings of Mystery.

As I mentioned earlier Mystery openly declares that a life dedicated to seduction is for losers. Indeed, he hopes that people, through reading his book, can lead a balanced life.

n the following paragraphs of the Mystery Method review we will go to see in detail what it consists of.


What does the mystery method consist of?

With the review of the Mysterious Method I don’t want to summarize the book, but to give an idea that can help you evaluate if this text is right for you.

The first part of the book explains the social dynamics through which man and woman choose their perfect partner.

To do this Mystery is based on the study of our ancestors. In the past the evaluation criterion was linked to instinct and not to reason. The male chooses the female for her reproductive value, while the female chooses the male based on her survival value.

In modern society these values, although made rational, have remained unchanged.

In the following chapters of the book, Mystery analyzes the various phases of seduction, creating an essential scheme. According to Mystery, the stages must be followed in the correct order and completed before moving on to the next ones.

The main steps are as follows:

  1. Attraction;
  2. Comfort;
  3. Seduction.

Each of the main phases is divided into other secondary phases.

This further subdivision is useful because through it we can easily guess when it is appropriate to move on to the next phase.


Where it can be put into practice

The “game”, as they call it Mystery and Style, needs social scenes to be put into practice.

It is usually practiced in nightclubs, restaurants, and in situations where the girl you want to pick up is not alone.

The reason for this choice depends on the fact that a lonely girl approached by a stranger would probably feel uncomfortable. For this reason, it would probably be more closed and would hardly accept dialogue.

On the contrary, if the seducer was inserted in a context in which the girl is with friends, she would feel safer from possible threats.

Mystery calls “set” those situations in which the girl who wants to approach is in the company of other people.

Consequently, the environment is relatively important as long as there are groups of people (preferably made up of both males and females) that you can gimmick in and practice your social skills.

Since most techniques involve skillful use of words, it is preferable that the music is not too loud.

In fact, it would make it more difficult to talk to the people in the group who are slightly further away from the seducer.


Dynamics behind the Mystery Method

In the previous paragraphs of the Mystery Method review, we talked about how this method was born, the elements that compose it, and the most suitable places to practice it.

Now, however, we will broadly analyze its operation.

In nature, in every animal group, there are dominant males, called “alpha” males, which are the ones favored by the female specimens for reproduction.

Likewise among human beings, “alpha” males are the most coveted.

Consequently, attesting to your status as an alpha male within the environment you are in is the first step.

It should go without saying, but the first step is to choose the girl we like and want to seduce.

It is important because otherwise we will invest in a set that really does not interest us and we will waste time and energy unnecessarily.

Once we have identified the set, we introduce ourselves in it with an opener. The opener in the case of Mystery is often some kind of magic or an illusion (since Mystery is a magician).

Once you enter the set, instead of focusing on the target, you totally ignore it.

The girl in question will feel some frustration because of this, but this is exactly what you want to induce.

When the time is ripe, then the next steps can be put into practice in the sequence indicated in the book. So in no time, you will be able to isolate yourself with the girl you like.

Mystery explains that rarely can all phases be completed, from first to last during prime time, usually, two or more encounters are required.


Does the Mystery Method work?

Well, to be honest, I haven’t tried it myself. I do not consider it a method suitable for my character.

In fact, you must know that we are not all the same. Each of us has characteristics that make us unique.

Far be it from me to disparage this book in my review of the Mystery Method. I simply do not consider it a method that enhances my abilities.

According to my friends and acquaintances who have tried it, the method works and is very effective.

However, I would like to specify that to make this method effective, it is necessary to have faith in it and, above all, a lot of practice is needed.

Don’t expect to read the book, leave the house, and become a very skilled Pick Up Artist.

Social skills take time and a lot of practice to master.

It is also natural to make many mistakes in the beginning.

As Tony Robbins says: “Repetition is the mother of skills”.

Practicing following a method that explains step by step everything that needs to be done is undoubtedly a great way to learn.

Just think that the division into phases and sub-phases helps beginners to learn parts of the whole process so that they can then put it all together when mastering each of them.


Who should read this book?

In the review of the Mystery Method, the audience to which this title is addressed cannot be missing.

Reading this book is suitable for an adult audience.

In my opinion, the title is aimed at males aged 18 to 40 who want to improve their ability to relate to women.

We are talking about a seduction manual written 15 years ago which, however, is still relevant today.

Seduction is a subject that is not taught anywhere. If we want to improve in this discipline, it is, therefore, necessary to seek information on your own.



Thanks to this book, you will be able to increase your ability to relate to women effectively.

I don’t think the Mystery Method makes use of incorrect techniques, as many people think. The purpose for which someone uses these techniques may be incorrect.

The will to love and be loved by the woman we like is a noble purpose that should not be confused with the pursuit of casual sex.

The acquaintance and creation of intimacy with a woman is a natural process, without which mankind would have become extinct many years ago. The evolution that this process has undergone over the years has also led to an evolution in terms of communication. The Mystery Method is nothing more than an interpretation of this evolution.

I like to think of books like this as a way for young men to become better people.

Wanting to improve yourself can only be a good thing.

Below I leave you the link to buy this book on Amazon.

In case you want other ideas to become a more seductive man, I invite you to read my article on the 100-point theory.

To your success,

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  1. Hello there, I have been really excite reading through their article and I find it really appealing to all my senses and it’s very good to come across such wonderful work on the internet. I never thought it could be this fin to sees such an article and now that I found one I can’t be more happy 

    1. Hi Justin, Thanks for your comment.

      If you are interested in a seduction topic, I definitively recommend you read this book. It is a milestone.

      Kind regards,


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