Top 5 Natural Fat Burners

Top 5 Natural Fat Burners

Top 5 Natural Fat Burners

With the summer approaching, the heat forces us to cover ourselves a little less, laying bare parts of us, which are hidden for the rest of the year.

Usually, they are the parts of the body that we are less proud of.

They are the ones that embarrass us a bit due to the effect of the fat that accumulates right there.

Despite the strenuous training we undergo,  it does not melt.

Unfortunately, if training is not accompanied by a balanced diet and a correct calorie intake, our weight is destined to move very slowly towards our ideal weight.

In these cases, there are some products that nature has given us that can be our allies in the fight against the imperfections of fat.

In this article, I want to suggest those that in my experience are the top 5 natural fat burners.


Green Tea

Top 5 Natural Fat Burner

The first of the Top 5 Natural fat burners is Green Tea.

Green tea, already known for its antioxidant activity, now also appears to have fat-burning properties.

Indeed it limits fat absorption – perhaps taken by means of an unbalanced diet.

Given that it would be essential to follow a healthy diet. Tea should not be understood as a remedy for one’s mistakes.

Researchers from Penn State University Park (USA) have discovered that green tea has the ability to reduce the absorption of fats.

It also increases the power to burn fats, and, finally, slow down the possible weight gain.

The study, conducted on an animal model, showed that a substance contained in green tea, known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), is able to act on fats, without changing appetite.

Specifically, the scientists divided the mice into two groups which were then fed on a high-fat diet. However, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) was also administered to the members of the first group, while the others acted as a control group.

The results showed that the first group gained 45 percent more slowly than the mice in the control group.

In addition, the members of the first group showed an increase in lipids (fats) in the stool by 30 percent: this factor suggests that there had been a reduction in fat absorption.

Of course, to get the same results as in mice you would have to drink something like 10 cups of tea a day.

However, the researchers hurry to explain that the data in their possession, referring to the human counterpart, show that already drinking one or more cups a day, you can already see the effects on weight.

Dr. Joshua Lambert coordinated the study and published it in The journal Obesity. He commented that “firstly, EGCG reduces the ability to absorb fats and, secondly, improves the ability to use the fat”.


Chili pepper

Between the Top 5 natural fat burners, we can’t miss Chili peppers!

Capsaicin, a substance contained in this food, stimulates lipid metabolism.

A piece of news you would never expect from one of the most important conferences in the world dedicated to biophysics. Yet the news comes right from there.

Scientists from the University of Wyoming (United States) have found that capsaicin, a substance contained in chili peppers, administered concomitantly with a high-fat diet, helps prevent weight gain.

Preliminary research data were presented in Baltimore at the annual Biophysical Society congress.

What is capsaicin?

Who often consumes the chili knows it well.

The sensation of irritation and burning when exaggerating is caused by capsaicin.

Also used in the manufacture of tear gas, the molecule is present in most plants – as in the case of hot pepper – of the Capsicum genus.

Able to bind to particular receptors present at the level of the mucous membranes, its effect is completely virtual.

The burning sensation is there, the damage to the tissue is not.

Scientists have been working for some time to study the possible benefits for the body.

As a result of the studies, in the case of muscle and rheumatic pain, the molecule could serve as an analgesic in cases of muscle and rheumatic pain.

Today, thanks to the study of US researchers, the list of benefits could lengthen. Indeed, researchers have discovered that capsaicin prevents the accumulation of fat.

Activate the metabolism

Two types of fat (white and brown) are present in our bodies.

The former is used to produce energy, the latter is used to generate heat through a process known as thermogenesis.

At the level of these cells, there are receptors that have a high affinity with capsaicin.

That’s why, activating them through the substance, could be a winning strategy for burning fat.

The results of the study

To test this hypothesis, scientists subjected mice to a lipid-rich diet.

Scientists gave capsaicin to some of them, and nothing to the others.

The analyzes showed that the group that received the chili extract, with the same number of calories consumed, tended to accumulate less weight as brown fat was burned under the effect of capsaicin.

A result, say the authors of the study, which could open the doors – if the results are the same in humans – to the development of new food supplements to combat obesity.



Ginseng is a plant belonging to the Araliaceae family that grows spontaneously in some mountain forests; there are different types of Ginseng, with different names and characteristics referring to the area in which they are found, but Panax Ginseng, that is, Chinese Ginseng, is the most famous and most used for therapeutic purposes.Top 5 Natural Fat Burner

The name Ginseng derives from the Chinese term rensheng which means man, to evoke the anthropomorphic structure typical of this root and is a root used by traditional medicine for its many beneficial properties for our body.

It is a food rich in glycosides, which determines the production of hydrocyanic acid, rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E.

The minerals present in the root are phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Scientific research shows how taking Ginseng regularly, associating it with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, is truly effective in promoting weight loss and burning excess fat.

In fact, Ginseng is famous for a long time for how it is able to lower the level of blood glucose in the blood.

It results in an effective help in controlling the level of bad cholesterol, or LDL, in the body.

Ginseng usage is very common among the ones who suffer from diseases related to diabetes.

Ginseng proves to be an ally in the weight loss process because it helps reduce fat mass in two different ways:

  • It is able to speed up the metabolism. Slow metabolism is often associated with advancing age, entering menopause, or with certain conditions such as hypothyroidism.

It is the main culprit of uncontrolled weight intake.

A slow metabolism does not allow you to burn fat at the speed necessary to convert fat into energy and use it during the day.

So it settles in the form of annoying pads in the most sensitive areas, such as thighs or buttocks.

One of the actions of Ginseng is precisely that of accelerating the metabolism: the Ginseng root is able to stimulate our metabolism so that it transforms the accumulated fat mass into lean mass, facilitating the transformation of fat into energy and helping us lose weight and maintain a dry and fit body.

  • Ginseng is highly energizing food.

The ancients used it as a natural tonic.

Ginseng is able to eliminate fatigue, provide energy to the body, make us more resistant and vigorous during the training, and increase physical strength.

Very often when you follow a very strict diet regime you risk feeling tired and exhausted and you feel the real need to take something sweet and sugary to raise your energy level.

With Ginseng it is possible to obtain the same effect without compromising one’s own line and forgetting the diet.

In fact, ginseng increases energy naturally and with a low-calorie intake in the body.


Garcinia Cambogia

Maybe this is the real surprise between ma selection of the top 5 natural fat burners.

When we talk about overweight it is spontaneous to associate the problem with excessive consumption of fats, but in reality, the worst enemy of physical fitness are sugars, and in particular, the glycemic peaks, because they cause the secretion of considerable quantities of insulin, which stores the fat in adipose tissue and induces cellular metabolism to burn carbohydrates, again increasing the desire for sugars in an infinite vicious circle.

A good remedy to stop this vicious metabolic cycle is the Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia: its secret is hydrissicitric acid.

The rind of its fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which blocks the synthesis of acetyl-coenzyme A – an enzymatic regulator involved in the biosynthesis and storage of lipids – reducing the biosynthesis of body fats by approximately 25%.

Garcinia cambogia reduces appetite and increases metabolism, making sure that the body is quickly burning the accumulated fats.

A triple-action that accelerates weight loss, as confirmed by numerous Phyto botanical studies. But that’s not all: this extraordinary fruit has many other beneficial properties.

Garcinia Cambogia normalizes glucose levels, reducing the risk of getting type II diabetes (due to poor nutrition).

Garcinia Cambogia has a slimming effect because it reduces appetite.

It is so effective that in the areas where it grows it is a common ingredient in the dishes to obtain a satiating effect.

It has a beneficial effect on the liver, promoting the production of bile and promoting the mobilization of fats and their expulsion in the intestine.



Lemon is a natural fat burner.

In a single lemon, there are many and such active ingredients useful for losing fat.

It eliminates the fat already present and counteracts the formation of new accumulations.

Then it stimulates the metabolism and, a level of the digestive system counteracts fermentations and swellings.

And again, lemon has a purifying action that benefits both the liver and the intestine.

It is also useful if you have a tendency to accumulate liquids.

Lemon is rich in potassium and magnesium.

Lemon is rich in mineral salts such as potassium, which contrasts retention and stagnation and which needs increase during this period: in lemon, there are 138 mg per 100 g.

Together with it, magnesium, with which it works in synergy, also to improve the functioning of the muscles.

Lemon also contains calcium (26 mg per 100 g) which helps streamline the silhouette.

Thanks to vitamin C you burn more fat.
To transform food into energy, our body needs a “fire” that burns.

But fire does not light up if it lacks vitamin C and citric acid, both present in lemon.

The lemon really contains a lot of vitamin C, 53 mg per 100 g.

It is almost all the daily needs of an adult.

As for citric acid, it reaches up to 8%.

It is precisely in summer that these precious lemon constituents are useful: to cope with higher temperatures, the brain slows down the metabolism.

Given the widespread heat, turn off, or lower, your metabolic fire.

Sensible, but not useful if you want to lose weight. Continue to burn and lose weight with lemon.

Lemon contains naringenin which makes you lose weight.

The lemon is also rich in naringenin, one of the most powerful active ingredients useful against extra pounds.

It is an antioxidant substance that eliminates the fat contained in the fat cells.

It promotes their disposal (even in the long run) and reduces the tendency to accumulate again.

Naringenin is also effective for lowering excess fats in the blood.



Those listed above are 5 products that nature has donated, and which can promote weight loss.

Quite often people assume that fat burners alone can solve all their weight problems.

Unfortunately, it won’t while people maintain the lifestyle they have always had.

In fact, we should consider any fat burner as an aid in achieving the desired results. Fat burners are not a substitute for temporary training sessions and low-calorie diets.

I hope that after reading this article you will include the best 5 natural fat burners in our diet.

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

I’d also like to read your comments and knowing your experiences.

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Take care,


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