Wesley Virgin Done For You

Wesley Virgin Done For You

Wesley Virgin Done For You

If you are reading this post, you probably purchased Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks.

In case you don’t know who is Wesley Virgin and what is Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks, you can find all the information that you need on my previous post:

Is Wesley Virgin a scam – My Review

The product we are going to talk about is definitively where Wesley wants to bring everybody who purchased Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks.

With this method Wesley and Ariella promise to make you earn up to 1000$ a day easily and effortlessly.

It actually sounds like a dream, but does it really work as they promise?

In order to better understand what are we talking about, I decided to try this product for you.

So you won’t risk to waste your money in case it doesn’t really work.


How does Wesley Virgin’s Done For You work?

After taking part in a 1-hour webinar, they are going to offer the program.

It’s funny because they pretend that the webinar is Live, but it always offers 2 slots: the first is around 15 minutes later, and the second is always 6 hours later.

At the end of the webinar, they offer the Done For You Service.

After the purchase, you get access to the training and by following it, you will be guided through a step-by-step process.

The service offered by the Wesley team consists of the creation of a Landing page that uses your link to sell “Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks”.

This page is the same for all people who purchase this service.

To allow the Wesley team to create your landing page, you will need to purchase a domain and delegate access to the team.

Later you will have to learn how to create Ads on Facebook or Youtube, and to do this, on the main page you will find video Tutorials.

Later, when everything is ready, before launching the promotion campaigns, a representative of the Wesley team will contact you to make an appointment on Skype to make your campaign as efficient as possible.

Once these steps are complete, when everything is ready you are asked to invest no less than $ 50 per day in ads.

At this point, you will have a landing page, which will earn you $ 30 and up for each sale.

So far, it all seems very easy and profitable. But is everything really as it seems?


Are you ready to start earning?

At this point, it all seems too good to be true, and it would be in an ideal world.

In the webinar they make you believe that you can earn $ 1000 a day from the very first days.

But in the Facebook group, the situation is different.

I see people rejoicing in their first sale, earning around $ 40 every 2-3 days.

Unfortunately, there are many complications that Wesley Virgin and the Done For You team are well aware of, but they are careful not to disclose.

Imagine, you buy a product at a high price, and you invest at least $ 50 a day to advertise a Wesley Virgin product.

For every sale you get very high commissions, this is true, but to cover your investments you have to make more than one sale per day for about 40 days.

So Wesley and Ariella promise to make you a lot of money in the early days, but the reality is very different.

As proof of what I’m saying, I attach some screenshots taken from the Done For You Facebook group.

Wesley Virgin Done For You

Wesley Virgin Done For You


How much does this product cost and how much can you earn?

In the Webinar Wesley Virgin and Ariella Iorio offer Done for You for “only” $ 899.

To this initial investment, we must add the annual cost for the domain, which can vary between $ 15 and $ 30.

In addition to the above, we must take into account the cost of the Ads, which must not fall below $ 50 per day but can also reach $ 100 per day.

The initial investment will therefore amount to approximately $ 1000 after 2 days of Ads. Which becomes $ 2100 after 22 days, and so on.

Let’s pretend that the Screenshots I attached in the previous paragraph are isolated cases and that every day we manage to get 2 sales of $ 38 each per day. In 22 days we will earn $ 1672, which does not even cover the initial investment.

Under optimal circumstances, it would take more than a month to be able to cover the initial investment.

I have specified in optimal circumstances because it isn’t sure that every day we will obtain 2 conversions. In addition to this, we are not taking into consideration that at any time Google or Facebook may decide to suspend or even close our advertising account.

If this were to happen, we would no longer have any way of obtaining conversions, consequently, the earnings would be instantly zeroed.

This is not just a hypothesis, it is what happened to me.

And think that the refund policy does not provide for any refund in the event that the Landing page has been created

Below is the screenshot of the policy:

In my case, I was able to get a full refund, so my experience, however negative, was painless.


Final analysis of Wesley Virgin’s Done For You

This product promises to effortlessly make huge amounts of money.

We have already seen that these promises are very distant from reality.

Being objective, the idea would be good. In my humble opinion, the cost of the product is very high for what is offered.

The so-called Training, in reality, they do not teach anything, on the contrary, they only serve to set up campaigns. So in addition to economically, this product does not even enrich culturally.

It is undeniable that Wesley has every interest in selling this product, in fact, he effortlessly earns small sums for each sale. In addition to this, it earns from the sale of the service, and users pay for advertising its products.

Even if he made $ 1 for every product each user sold, that would be enough to make this business 100% affordable and safe for Wesley.


If I was quite satisfied with the Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks product. As regards Done For You offered by Wesley Virgin I am very disappointed.

In my case, I was able to get a full refund, so my experience, however negative, was painless.

If you intend to make money online, I inform you that there are safe and effective methods. Certainly, it is not as fast as Wesley promises. At the same time, the investment is minimal when compared to the cost of Done For You.

If you’ve already purchased Done For You Services by Wesley Virgin and you aren’t satisfied with it, please get in touch with me, I’m going to help you to get the refund and I can also offer you another good opportunity that really works. Indeed thanks to it I started earning online within the first week using that program.

If you want to know more I invite you to read my article


As usual, I invite you to share this post and comment.

If you want to know how I managed to get a refund, ask me in the comments.

I will reply privately as soon as possible.

I wish you a wonderful day,


4 thoughts on “Wesley Virgin Done For You

  1. My friend, I purchased this product too. I hoped that it is as good as overnight millionaire mind hacks. Unfortunately I was wrong. I wasted money in ads without any conversion. What really made me mad is that when I asked for support, instead of helping, they didn’t approve my post and kicked me from the Facebook group. How do they expect people to trust them if they cannot even handle the issues. Please contact me and explain how to get the refund. God bless you!

    1. Hi John,
      unfortunately, it seems that Ariella and Wesley don’t really care about their customers.
      Maybe they are earning a lot of money thanks to this program, but the service provided is also wasting their names.
      Maybe we only see the wrong side of that program because it didn’t work for us. But there are also people who are happy with it.
      Maybe they are simply luckier.
      I’m going to send you the instructions to request a refund via mail. I hope you will get your money back as soon as possible.

      Take care,

  2. Hi, unfortunately I fell for Wesley’s scam as well and I need help getting a refund. I had a feeling it was too good to be true.

    1. Hi Kristal,
      you are right, many people expected the promised results from Wesley’s program, but I didn’t hear about anybody having outstanding results. I saw people celebrating for a $25 commission after spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase that program, the website, and the ads.
      I’ve sent you an email. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.

      Kind regards,

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