What is sexy for a man ? Tricks to be sexier

What is sexy for a man ? Tricks to be sexier

What is sexy for a man?

I have often received the following question from friends looking for a soul mate:

What is sexy for a man?

Would you like to understand what men find sexy?

Beyond the physical aspect, which certainly plays an important role, there are many other factors that influence the idea that a man can make himself on you.

The idea of “Sexy” can be very subjective, but there are certain parameters that are common to every man.

In this post, I want to spend a few words on the external aspect and invest more time on the attitude that can transform you from being a person like another to a person out of the ordinary.

My intent is to explain to you women what can make you special in the eyes of a man and what can allow you to cross the finish line before any other candidate.


It is useless to deny it, physicality plays a fundamental role in the concept of sexy. But assuming that every man has his own tastes, it is not said that everyone likes the same type of woman.

What then can be the details that make the difference?

Red is universally recognized as the color of passion, therefore the red lipstick on your lips will bring the subconscious of man to associate your image with that of passion.

A woman who uses it feels and proves self-confident and the man likes it.


What is sexy for a man

A well-groomed aspect will certainly not make you go unnoticed.

My advice is to highlight the part of you that you want to point out. Be it the neckline, the hairstyle or your gaze.

The last tip dedicated to appearance is the simplest, but also the most effective.

It is the seduction weapon by definition: your smile.

Let’s face it, seeing a person who smiles at us makes us feel good, and then do it, smile and make the man you like feel good.

Your gaze

It is known that a self-confident person is appreciated.

Women are no exception, and men are usually attracted to women with character.

This does not mean that the woman should dominate because in this case, the man would feel competing and would start to see you as an opponent rather than a partner.

Your aim is to make yourself noticed and desired by the man, so if you want to look sexy, keep in mind what your purpose is.What is sexy for a man

In case your eyes meet the gaze of the man you like, don’t be shy, and keep eye contact for a few seconds. If you feel up to it, you can wink.

As I explained in the post on Free NLP Techniques, non-verbal communication prevails over verbal communication, so the man could understand what you want to communicate with just a glance.

If you are not sure of your gaze, you can practice in front of the mirror, train yourself so that your gaze communicates exactly the emotion you feel. It is not difficult, and when the opportunity arises, you will be ready to use your magnetic gaze.

Remember that emotions are contagious.


Physical contact

if the game of looks had been successful, there is a possibility that the man has approached, has introduced himself and you are having a pleasant conversation.

Unfortunately, not all men will come to you to speak after a wink, there are also shy men in fact.

In this case, do not be afraid to come forward, if the man interests you, after all, it is not said that he is interested in you, at least not before he has noticed you.

If you have started a conversation, the game of looks must continue, you must make it clear that you like it.

At this point, physical contact comes into play, which can be completely involuntary.

By gesturing you can touch his hand or his arm. Or if you are walking side by side, you can approach it so as to touch it on the side.

Usually, people don’t interpret rationally this kind of contact as intended, but subconsciously it will work in your favor.

We must always keep in mind that your aim is to look sexy in his eyes, so you can behave like that.

Ask yourself, what would be a physical contact that can transmit sensuality?

Exactly, that’s the physical contact you need to look for.

It is not for me to explain to you which is the right one for you, but surely you have in mind which one suits you best.


What to say

If so far, everything has gone as planned, you and the man you like are close, you know each other.

The question always remains the same: “what is sexy for a man?”

Man is more direct, he likes to say and be told things, but this does not mean that you have to do exactly what he wants.

The mystery feeds the imagination, the spoken and unfinished sentences create that sweet suspense that makes the atmosphere sparkling.

In this phase, your aim is to stimulate his imagination.

The best way to do it is to ask questions that force him to think about what you want him to think.

Perhaps by turning around a bit.

For example, you can ask him what his zodiac sign is, and add that you read that it is a passionate sign.

During the conversation, it is important that you are consistent, and not trivial.

Your gaze must always be very intense. It is important that you do not start talking about topics that can guide the conversation out of the desired context.

My advice is to ask open-ended questions on topics that you think can be helpful in achieving your goal.

If you like sports you can talk about sports, perhaps making allusions to the athletic body of those who practice that sport.



Summarizing we said that:

  • The smile and the gaze are the keys to make men notice you.
  • The look must communicate emotions, and if you feel confident, you can wink.
  • If the man does not come to you, you can approach him and start a conversation. Keep a communicative gaze and a smile.
  • While speaking, you can touch or touch your interlocutor randomly and not vulgarly.
  • You must try to guide the conversation in the direction you want. The best way to do this is to use open-ended questions.

I hope these tips can be useful to you.

If you want to deepen this topic and find more useful tips, take a look here

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2 thoughts on “What is sexy for a man ? Tricks to be sexier

  1. Hey Andrea, spot on!! as a forty-year-old man I certainly get sparked with all of the tips you counted above, my most prominent is color red. OOhhhh seeing a lady in red just sends signals to my creative mind that says she must be captured in an eternal moment through a painting or some sort of timeless method just to preserve the beauty that I guess red highlights it even more for me. So every lady should know color red speaks very loud and sends a very effective subtext to the opposite gender.

    1. Hi Vika,

      Thank you for the comment.
      You perfectly described the mix of sensation that we all feel when a woman is wearing red, or she highlighted a detail with that color.
      I wrote this article to boost women self-esteem and make them aware of the infinitive power they own.

      Have a great day,

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