What to say to girls – Be Attractive!

What to say to girls – Be Attractive!

What to say to girls

What to say to girls

You are in a disco or in a pub.

You see a woman you like, you come closer and…

Think about what you can say not to be trivial.

I don’t know about you, but especially in adolescence, this situation has happened to me dozens, if not hundreds of times.

Although it may seem obvious, it is not at all. For many men, shyness, and fear of failing mean that instead of approaching a woman, they give up without even trying.

This process, in the long run, can lead to real barriers that hinder men and prevent them from having a satisfying love life.

For this reason, I decided to dedicate a post to this topic: What to say to a girl – hold an interesting conversation.

Why do you want to meet her?

Before asking yourself what to say to that girl, you should ask yourself why do you want to meet her?

If you go to talk to a woman and you don’t know why you want to talk to her, then the problem is not about the topics, but about motivation.

If you go to her because you like her, you already have a few words in mind.

Surely between you and you are thinking: “how cute she is!” or “that dress looks great on you!”

Well, you already have a couple of words to say.

Contrary to what men sometimes believe, women often enjoy being approached and complimented.

Don’t you think that a woman spends hours at the hairdresser, putting on her makeup, and getting ready and then annoying her if a man, with the necessary manners, introduces himself and gives her a compliment?

It may happen that she does not want to be approached at that moment, or that she is waiting for someone.

But you can’t know this if you don’t come to talk to her.

And if her answer was negative, at least you tried.


The game of Gazes

Nothing prevents you from looking for her before approaching her.

You must know that the gaze is very important and can make a difference.

A woman who crosses your gaze may communicate interest, even before you get close to talking to her.

If you meet her gaze and she keeps eye contact, this can mean she likes you.

Knowing that a woman is interested in you makes everything much easier.

You would feel confident and would have less difficulty speaking openly with girls, thus being more brisk and likable.

If you knew you had a good chance of success, what would you do?

How would you communicate?

Imagine two similar situations:

1) You meet her gaze, and she keeps her gaze. You feel confident and approaching her keeping eye contact and smiling. You talk to her.

2) You go to her without first knowing if she noticed you or not. You talk to her.

Do you believe that your posture while walking in its direction would be the same? Do you think your tone of voice would have the same confidence?

Canned phrases

There are those who believe that getting close to a girl is a very complicated thing and spends a lot of time continuing to think: “What to say to the girls?”

I read “magic formulas” to conquer girls, sentences that have an effect if pronounced by me, but if pronounced by another person they may have the opposite effect.

I advise you to read my posts:

How to increase self-esteem

Free NLP Techniques

Reading them you will learn that the words you say are worth only 7% of the communication.

You will understand that a consummate seducer phrase said in the wrong tone will make you a jester instead of a seducer.

Your goal is to communicate consistently, that is, words must be in harmony with the tone and body language.

If you add the right self-esteem to all this, what you say is of little importance.


What to say to girls

What to say to Girls

Here we are, if after reading the previous chapters you still give importance to this question, I probably have not succeeded in making you understand that what you say is only relatively important.

There is actually no magic formula for pleasure, there is only a combination of components that can make you interesting in the eyes of a girl (or woman).

Unfortunately, this depends on many factors. Since there is no standard person and we are all different from each other, women are different from each other in the same way.

An effect phrase said to a woman can have a null effect in some cases, but the very high value in others.

My suggestion is to trust your instincts and emotions.

In fact, women communicate in a totally different way than men.

Their brains are constantly inundated with emotions, and if you can understand how they affect the rational mind of women, then it will also be easy to empathize quickly.


Stealth Attraction

Have you ever heard of this technique?

A famous Pick-up Artist known as Gambler’s nickname claims that through this technique it is possible to conquer any girl (or woman).

This way, as I explained earlier, you don’t need to rack your brains to think about what to say to the girls.

In fact, what allows a woman to decide whether you can be the right man for her or just someone who disturbs her while having fun are the emotions you make her feel.

His emotions may be somehow positively influenced by certain actions.

If you want to deepen this topic, I suggest you take a look at this video.


Richard La Ruina (AKA Gambler) in Stealth Attraction explains how:

  • Speak seductively with women.
  • Use the right body language.
  • Create a strong sexual attraction.
  • Understanding the psychology of attraction and rapid seduction.


The advice I have given you comes from:

  • my experience;
  • information I have collected over the years from books, forums, and online videos.

The information that I have summarized in this article is the result of hours and hours of research, reading, and, above all, practice!

Don’t forget that practice is the aspect that will make you credible and self-confident.

If you want to deepen what is written in this article, I invite you to take a look at Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Attraction.

Have a great day,


10 thoughts on “What to say to girls – Be Attractive!

  1. Hi Andrea, great article. This is a very interesting read and the video was also very interesting to watch. unfortunately now turning 30, having 3 kids and a partner, I tend not to need to engage with women in this way. However I do have single friends who struggle with the ladies. I have forwarded the article to them.

    1. Hi Russ,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m in the same situation, just a little bit older!
      I wanted to share this knowledge with younger men allowing them to avoid frustration due to some mistakes.

      Thank you for forwarding my article with your friends.

      Have a great day,

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Great post. Totally agreed with you. Very informative and men, I should have read this when growing up. I did struggle for a little while when I migrated to the U.S., scared to my bone not to get in trouble with girls and the laws until I met friends.
    This is definitely a post most guys should read especially knowing that the what to say is about 7%, the majority is the body language and self-esteems.

    1. Thank you!
      You understood my point, we usually make things more complicated than what they really are.
      Unfortunately, nobody teaches this information.

      I hope that this post will reach young men who may need this information.

      Have a great day,

  3. All I can say after reading your post is that I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. Its amazing with practical tips.

    Thank you so much for sharing your own perspective on it.

    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Rani,

      Thank you for your comment.
      My purpose is to contribute to people development with my contents, I hope you will find many useful posts on my website.

      Have a great day,

  4. I was always one of the fortunate guys that had girls approach me, even the ones I didn’t like. The biggest asset I had is that I was funny naturally which drew people close, guys and girls. The times I approached a girl I would just be myself and not pushy which worked pretty good. Now after reading your article and watching the video I have learned a few little tricks for the next time. Great article, thanks.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thank you for the comment and for sharing your experience.
      I always appreciate this kind of comment.

      Have a great day,

  5. An interesting read. I think all guys out there need to read this post lol.
    Communication is the key in any relationship whether its your partner, parents , friends or children.

    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      You are totally right, communication is the key.
      It plays a fundamental role in our lives.

      Take care,

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